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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alex Jones Cant Sue The Power Structure So Why Should I Attempt To Do So?

If he got no results then why should I be able to? Do I really want to get involved in the criminal justice system of the United States? Something I hate the nature of generally anyway.

Courtrooms always struck me as theatres. The attorneys are high on blow or soliciting women after trials and look hung over half the time, the judge is usually putting on an act as grand in scale as an opera singer with a horned helmet (the women) or thinks he's a cowboy...or god (men).
The cops who work there are all in on whatever dirty corruption is going on locally.

The system always crushes the poor and allows the rich, influencial or connected to ride easy in the decisions they come to when they slam their little gavels down.

This country is GONE. Gonzo. The public have been gotten under control through lengthily trauma based mind control methods common to Cults and now kept under control via chemical influence such as chemical trails and thought control from the technologies as outlined in MindWar by Michael Aquino.

Much of the public simply want to get theirs and don't care the cost. Others desperately need to hide their personal as well as the country's dirty deeds and nasty habits from the world.

The rest of the public are oblivious on psych meds, tv shows, gadgets, pot, sugar, alcohol and the rest of so called American high quality of life. Poisoning themselves to death basically and taking whatever the Man gives them to make them controllable.

Everyone else is a news addicted, now clinically paranoid terrorist obsessed amatuer spy who worships authorities becuz they let them play spy games and get off on the drama without the consequences. They will hide under the guise of keeping our nation safe but these folks are as addicted to this as any video game junkie, and its more thrilling than any video game ever. Due to thier need for adreneline, need to feel control and limp wristed feel for petty levels of power-sharing these sheep like to put on wolf skins and play cops and robbers. However real cops usually are very nasty to Targeted Individuals if they are stalking them becuz they KNOW DAMN WELL WE ARE INNOCENT, or they look guilty as hell and you can tell they are forced into it. THE PUBLIC DO NOT POSESS THESE INNER GAUGES NATURALLY OF WHAT IS JUST. Therefore the ametuers have no problems helping destroy people like me and other TIs. They will believe anything the system tells them about us, becuz their needs I just mentioned outweigh a lost human life. They ARE typical good American citizens remember, and that means animal greed covered up by Judeo Christianity and other fronts of credibility and social acceptability.
Cops may have nightmares about this in their old age. These assholes won't feel a thing. They will always insist that the Target is guillty, cover stories are real and anything else is conspiracy theory or the TI refusing to own up to crimes.

They are also very unspectacular people so men feeling threatened and women being jealous are always motives they can work off of and hide behind being the 'eyes and ears of the nation'.

This country is incapable of justice. Even the citizens who have fought for it over the last few decades on our descent into comfortable Hell just ended up ignored ultimately.

Forget the US.

I may leave and find overseas is no better or even worse but that doesn't change the fact the US is simply gone forever.

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