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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Part 2 (will republish later)

Also the energy thats produced tantrically, through sex with males or orgasm alone makes this kind of woman strong. This production of energy seems to be something this system wants to stifle completely. To destroy of her abilities what they can via physical damage etc snd then 'redirect' what energy producing abilities remain sexually via the enslavement process to the system and a husband as mentioned.

I have surely experienced this system desperately trying to 'jam' the human ability to create energy from within or through one's chakras, pineal glans etc. Electromagnetic fields man made seem to serve this end by jamming natural human fields. I have experienced this system doing so purposely usually in Boston.

This is why they keep the Target from sexual partners.

They dont want the femal Survivor to heal naturally and go through trauma issues to become a strong, healthy normal female. They desire the same level of enslavement but with the female appearing as if she has given up and been reformed into a normal life of an average person. Its all deception and keeping what and who she is hidden just as before.

When I was living in Brighton in that apartment with the Nextel cell phone repeaters on the roof where I was being heavily gang stalked and targeted, do you know who I was 'redirected' to think of when I experienced orgasm through masturbation? Political figures. Does that sound normal to you? It never happened before like that in my life.
Guess who? Romney, Mcain, sadly in the recent past its even been Obama which makes me want to vomit.

Why would I be producing such heavy psychic energy at the age I was as female and basically sending it out to those specific people. Throughout men in police uniforms are always stuck in there at the last moment when orgasming.

Thats off and on. Luckily I have a strong Will a powerful imagination and I am a greedy determined female whos going to 'get mines' with my own orgasmic energy. I use years of control and experience and all my athleticism to take control back from this system. And I dont mastuebate becuz I am mentally ill or a pervert like they probably market in cover stories.

I masturbate becuz I know it stimulates the immune system, that its healthy. That it adds to my physical health and cardiac health.
Also so the aggression they cause in me along with arousal does not end in my going off and actinf out on people or in public.

Lastly, depression is ANGER TURNED INWARD. These releases make sure that agression doesnt turn to anger then to depression when stifled (women will do that becuz society says dont be angry as well as we dont go postal or lone shooter also). This type of depression makes it easy for the perps and psycholigical brain washing to take control of a Targeted Survivor. Then of course they will send handlers knowing your desperate.

Do not fall for the shame game when it comes to your sexuality.

I dont care how weird or kinky your sex life was. Unless you were actually FUCKING real life school girls or hurting anyone you did nothing wrong and broke no laws.

This may be why accusations of pedo or child molestation must be put forth in the cover story, perhaos theres a secret project to reform offenders and Surcivors of programming are lied about and put into these programs when in reality the system only seeks to hide memories, sikence a victim witness and disarm what they consider a living walking weapon.

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  1. It seems a lot of people here and there simply do not understand great art, or at least, art that shakes the foundations to its core.


    Some of these critics are pretty stupid, it seems. Not just defending, because I know every one has their opinions, but some of these critics seem ridiculous.

    Funny how others of Beethoven's kind are able to comprehend what he was trying to accomplish. Debussy and Wagner seem far more intelligent than some of the others.

    I mean a lot of these are simply not analysing the piece but making over the top childish criticism. I mean, how musical could a person be that writes things like "and what all the noise was about, it was hard to form any idea. The general impression it left on me is that of a concert made up of Indian warwhoops and angry wildcats." Sounds like what those idiot sportswriters at ESPN would come up with. Real stupid. And they don't even attempt to criticize, more like they are throwing around childish insults about it because they either don't understand it or don't like it.

    Proof that idiots and targets have existed for hundreds of years.

    Debussy says there are 200 different renderings Beethoven made in his sketchbook of the theme in the finale, yet some can only come up with things like "Beethoven always sounds to me like the upsetting of bags of nails, with here and there an also dropped hammer. "

    I mean, this is the man who had a strong influence over the evolution of Jazz, so his music had to have been better than what these buzzards are saying. "unspeakable cheapness"?! I always thought it was a great melody.

    Notice how the more intelligent writers were composers themselves trying to accomplish great things and are acknowledging how profound the 9th symphony is. The others are like, cheap themes, yankee doodle, bags of nails and hammers, wildcats and Indians, etc. If Beethoven made sketches of 200 iterations of the Ode to Joy theme in the finale, then I don't see how the final result could be cheap, etc. Seems like knee-jerk reactions by average people who possess child-like hatred of someone or their art.

    It seemed like the man was getting similar jabs when he was alive, too. Maybe he attracted the Simon Cowell types. You know, lowly, only mildly intelligent, and sleazy as hell.

    A lot of those art critics who post in newspaper columns seem like gigantic idiots, too. I wonder how far back their agenda goes? And of course it is true that the public and everyone else attacks anything they don't comprehend in a vicious manner. Opinions are fine, but some of these criticisms are a bit viscous, cheap, and below the belt.