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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Above Top Secret Forum Thread On Google Maps Permissions Specifically To Record Audio


Above Top Secret forum always goes between far out conspiracy theories or mundane subjects.
Rarely are they put together to form the big picture.

If one is targeted then these permissions on a smartphone would of course be worrisome. Yet on such a forum dealing in this subject matter doesn't even consider such a thing.

So much for being realistic about the world of 'top secret'.

Keeping things compartmentalized is a tactic also.

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  1. I was thinking that overseas, even if you do get a lot of in-person stalking, at least you won't be able to understand the language. Of course, they always have to be running their mouths. But knowing them if they are prepared for you somehow, you can bet they will have brushed up on their English words. You know how gangstalkers typically assault you with one-word harassment, and then flee the scene. It wouldn't take much for them to brush up on their English insult words. Gangstalkers really aren't the brightest nor the most literate of the bunch.

    The kinds I come into contact with are sometimes the into drugs/HS dropout types who discover they have one aspect of them that is decent. And then run away with that with the notion that their whole entire being is totally and completely awesome just because of that one tiny aspect of them. And I get the laughing and the thumbing up of the nose at me, because they are gods now. Totally oblivious to their shortcomings. That is gangstalkers.

    Or I get gangstalkers dressed with the same color shirt or whatever to get a reaction. They do pull that with TI's too, intimidate them via subliminal attacks into not wearing certain clothes or hating the clothes they have on.

    Aren't they so original and so clever, getting info via surveillance or being instructed outright on what to wear so they can harass a target. Wow. Well, it's easy and cost effective, because the surveillance is already in place. The only trick for them is to not get caught or exposed doing this, because any kind of harassment is illegal.

    It's psychological violence is what it is.