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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mexican Cartels Found Connected To Middle East Terrorism

Austin Texas. Two discoveries today. Second one pertains to this post.

Store called Bread Basket on Cesar Chavez and Mildred in shitty Mexican and black neighborhood. Was down there for badly needed sneakers at PayLess. On my way to Laundromat stopped in this store. The guys working were Middle Eastern. Lots of black and red in the neighborhood. Four out of six people on the street were wearing that combo when I left to catch bus in front of projects next street over. Wasnt random believe me.

Downtown has perps but they cant afford to stand out like in the ghettos. More on that later.

One of the men in the store Middle Eastern was standing to the side almost playimg security guard I noted after a while. It didnt occur to me at first.

I noted when I had asked him some questions that he was fsr too polite and something was strained about it. When I left I looked back and he was just staring at me. Not like a man stares at a woman but with some sort of fear. He kept watching me. I looked at laundrymat and it was disgusting so no way. I walked out and he was still looking. I noticed he waited until I went into the laundry to go back behind the register. When in his store I got the feeling for a monent someone expected something to happen. As if I was dangerous and was going to act out. Which is ridiculois.

The look in his eyes when I looked into his, as I walked out of rejecting the laundry idea, it stays with me. In the God Father movie, the second one I believe, when Michael is in Sicily and his head man gets his car ready thinking hes traveling alone (becuz he actually planted a bomb in the car for Michael Corleone). Later his wife Apollonia ends up wanting to drive instead. When he realizes his wifes in the car, the head man runs away realizing hes accidentally going to Mike's wife instead. The look that Sicilian gives as he looks at Mike and then runs off...that is exactly what it looked like. Exactly. Then in the movie of course Mike tries to tell his wife not to turn the key...too late of course.

This man in the store today had this exact look.

Perhaps there is some ancient bloodline connection between the Middle East and Italy that exists no matter what modern circunstances are.
Its well known plenty of Arab blood runs through Italy and Sicily. Ive posted before that no one, even with the technomancer's powers the system has over tech and chemicals, they cannot keep us from our DNA. From our ancient pasts. Behavior modification is purely superficial. Shock treatments and psychosurgery if done directly to a Target would most likely not destroy what transmits from our double helix of DNA.

It was either
-a psyche out
-this article is pertinent and today was an example of whats going on (if so we must then ask if other countries also contract out to them-USA, China, Israel, Africa etc.)
- it is the ancient Arab connection to Italy trying to warn me its either someone other than his people like Israel or whoever else or perhaps its a warning of his own people's actions in this.
It was real. That was the major difference between what perps do to Targets and what I saw today.

We as Targeted persons know that the perps are doing what they can to keep us isolated and brainwashed mostly so we cannot take appropriate action in our circumstances as 'reasonable person(s)' would. The gang stalking system ensures we are not reasonable persons but basket cases living in a dream basically. We live in partial denial of what is and has occurred due to how utterly nonsensical and UNreasonable it is, daily, for years on end.

I once heard Tom Cochran from St Louis telling someone he was with "Dont mention it to Rachel". This woman had just exclaimed "Thats HORRIBLE" pertaining to me I guess. He could have been trying to protect me from some horror that someone pulled in all this, like Jake snd those brat kids from Boston or my mother or the cops. Or it could have just been part of the psyche of many where the TI is meant to hear something has occurred that either didnt actually occur or in reality only the perps know about not the general public.

I also saw some stupid show a few weeks ago where the main chsracter owned a convenience store in the same shitty kind of neighborhood and was found to be an informant or Middle Eastern operative for terrorists.
Which of course means this could be just another psyche out or part of the continued break down/forced deprogramming process.

This is ALL MK Ultra being used on Survivors of high level programming. This is most likely what that old guy meant in the airport a few nights sgo. They can tell that their actions are going to soon get me to take action either suing people and agencies or telling my story.

Those actions are not whats important. Whats important is that their never ending campaign destroys my internal world to the point where I take such actions.

I saw this American Dad episode where the dad torments and abuses a family member in a CIA type campaign to get the person to finally defend themselves. This is exactly what behavior modification does.
The problem with thinking this kind of action is helping someone is recall how in the beginning of my gs campaign for instance everything was done purposely so I could NOT and woukd not be able to take action defending myself. They had to break me down sufficiently first and destroy what they desired to before then taking steps to rebuild me in their desired form.

The reason so much of this campaign revolves around sex, sexuality , humiliation, emasculation, feminization, extreme sexism and cutting the female Survivor off from her female support and ties is becuz RAPE MUST BE USED TO DEPROGRAM AND THEN REPROGRAM A FEMALE SURVIVOR OF MIND CONTROL in order for THEIR behavior modification program to be effective -as opposed to the woman going through memories and then figuring things out with a therapist and rebuilding herself then moving on in life.

Essentially the males in the gs system snd authorities such as police etc are percieved by the long tormented Target as her rapists which of course over time become her lovers. Stockholm Syndrome takes hold. Any one who knows women knows that a woman's body is essentially a pleasure center. Keep her from being a human being, keep her isolated from stimuli etc and you can make sex become her focus. If you then focus yourself as the 'master' of this female you then can rule her mind through emotional manipulations but you MUST keep her captive and use repeated rape. Especially since in many locations they seeem to have the ability to arouse a Target or keep a constant level of arousal present for continued control.

I personally believe implants are involved. I have had mutiple surgeries for endometriosis and IC. The last one as of 1997 was very suspect. I kept feeling something like a charge coming from the scar over my bladder a very small incision. It would go up through my center.
Ive used magnets on this area in the past and it stops the sexual arousal from being such a problem.
During Bush when this became 24/7 it was not unusual for me to be being gang stalked heavily and hit very hard with sexual arousal wherever I was staying. In Port Huron MI it basically equated outright torture.

This is done to break the Target down but also over time a female will begin to accept the system itself as her master or even husband. The males involved collectively represent this system.

Eventually she will love her captors and rapists. Eventually she will believe that they only want what's best for her.

In time she may believe that its a good thing to be reborn somewhat spiritually and totally made anew sexuallly. The constant brainwash will convince her that she needed to be destroyed of all her prior worldy and carnal knowledge of men and sexuality . Thst this system has made her appropriate for being a wife to only one male a husband. Which of course the system will get her to long for snd focus on to represent the male power that now rules her competely becuz the perps and system husband her every other way but physically which she will desire. But guarenteed when shes with any mortal male when she is having sex at those key moments of orgasm she will be handing that ENERGY right over to whomever she's been brainwashed into believing rules her life.

Its all total bullshit.

This process is not done out of concern for such a female but only to ensure that females with Theta programming are not independant of Will and mind and so they csnnot INDEPENDENTLY produce the psychic energy needed to use...towards defending themselves or perhaps being hacked into to harm others.


  1. hang in there. it seems like the tech in Diego is more at night than during day like your yutube says. I wouldn;t get to hung up on people wearing black and red. Some people cant afford Walmart so the shop at After market clothing stores in the hood. Unfortunately the gangstalking continues as long as you keep exposing it. Not that I would want to censor you, but I hate to see people being tormented. I stopped blogging about gangstalking and it seemed to mellow out. I'm trying to get the tech to stop. Some of it has, after I got rid of everything electronic pretty much in my home for a while. Alright later, take care Layne

  2. Lyne, what was written about not being a fighter, I thought the comment over, and if you got the stalking to a dealable level that is good for you, great. Keep it that way if it means you are more happy and healthy, because if that's how you can win than you are fighting even better, and harder than us. However there are situations I would be careful when using such tactics. Example: If one were being held for questioning, I wouldn't advise ratting yourself out for relief, because then they really sock it to you, when they get all they need to make things worse.