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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

USA Radio Quiet Zone Probably Perped Out

Was looking at this and trying to decide to go or not.

Here's why its not going to ever be safe for TIs:

Drug dealers' plans? Oh please. They'd be catching the DEA, military and Israel constantly red handed if that were true. Oh please.

Notice that when comprehensive books were written on their existence being questionable due to the sheer spying power (ability to intercept commercial content from satellites????) that conveniently some heavy alleged terrorist action goes down in the USA and all the Cold War left overs people were getting weirded out about and questioning in the 21st century is suddenly ALL quite necessary again.

I highly doubt that any Target could get a moments peace in this entire 13000 square feet. There's probably power stalking and harassment going on.

I may just go there to experience how ridiculous this must be and how totally prepared they are for TIs who are arriving to try to get some relief.

In the timeline of a normal earth where we should be creating a pretty much peaceful world by now due to various factors including the massive scale military presence world wide, these big globes would probably have been downsized in numbers and sold off as condos or something.

Who's to say that the foriegn bad guys don't have tech that they use like terrorists on US citizens or that when other powerful agencies get too crazy these guys don't use this system to spy on what they are doing and actually meter out some true justice once in a while.

Then again it could be being used for NWO social control.

All I can project is the GS there must be ridiculous.

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