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Friday, March 9, 2012

Backpack from Ausprey Seems To Have Effect Remote Influence

The Ausprey backpack I bought in OR in 2009 has alot to do with feeling so oppressed by remote influence it seems.

It might be the metal bar frame as I notice all the new models don't have that at all.
They are lighter as a result.

I noticed that having this pack in my room at the sober house changed the environment in that room. I noticed over the years having this pack on my back always makes the effects stronger. And impossible to beat mentally with just Will.

However that doesn't explain why I was just as strongly effected when I had my large backpack off and stored in my bedroom in that soberhouse and still felt heavily targeted when walking around San Antonio with just a small nylon light daypack ($5) from Walmart.

Is it a chip thats already inside the pack that can be hacked or is it something specifically put into TIs packs? Or is it just the metal bar amplifies (as found in the MIT study on tin foil hats)?

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