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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Divorcing The USA Is Now A Reality, And A Necessity

As much as I dislike Obama Gingrich is correct in saying in this administration if u r an enemy of the country u r safe.

See he is not admitting that there are people who are targeted due to being a threat to national security becuz we were forced into being so to save our lives.

I don't think any of us thought Bush and the entire thing started during Reagan would take root after 9-11 as it has.

I just watched Gingrich speak. Extremely dangerous. And I saw Romney for a second behind a mic.

I've never been afraid in any of this. But I am afraid now. These are the very people that many of us thought the country would get see them for what they are after 9-11 and Bush.

I see now Obama has been crappy becuz Bush and a big mess proceeded him. Now his failure is.being used to make Republicans look like the better choice.

Yet Romney and Gingrich are not bringing us back to the Republicans we recalled decades ago. This kind of Republican has simply smoothed over their act and now simply looks like a stronger choice compared to Democrats.

I realize now that I can never be happy or flourish in where I don't agree with either party that rules the country alternatively.

I also can't live somewhere that took my life from me and continues to want only that I forget about what happened and just get a job and act normally.

The country only consists of commentators birching about each other. Its a huge constant arguement and it never ends. I can't stand either party nowadays. They have BOTH BECOME TOO EXTREME. We can't have peace nowadays.

No matter who.gets in people like me are screwed. And no.matter where we go we'll still be considered enemies of the country.
Its impossible.

America has degenerated or in some people's views evolved into something so vastly different from.what I was raised with and add onto that what I experienced during Bush, its akin to living on another planet. Its totally foriegn to me now.

This is how they murder you without physically killing you.
Its only get worse.

And after all that's.happened to me no matter what say I.will can easily be called mentally ill.

If this country is even considering Mitt Romney for the presidency without understanding what he's been involved in while governor of Massachusetts its already too late.

I listen to the Republicans and I agree with their mindset on.civility and how Democrats don't want people to think for themselves. Yet the Neocon Republicans do all these horrible things as well they just hide what goes on. Their fronts are better. All the ads durng the Orielly Factor for instance have nothing but attractive winner types as actors. What the 'Republican ideal' has been.marketed as over past decade or so.
Was Nixon or Johnson this ideal? No. Nor elder Bush. They're being marketed as stronger, more successful people as if by nature, by birth.

Either way you chose a lie. A deception. A dumbed down party.

Its extremely sad to realize that leaving America is no longer an option to escape something merely unpleasant or seek more freedom or a more attractive lifestyle. Its now an action that now needs to be taken in order to see if ones very life can be spared. Perhaps some measure of happiness can be got in the years remaining after nearly being murdered by the very forces now planning to become welcomed into the People's arms willingly very soon.

Its like having to watch one's own funeral.

I cannot believe I actually really have to leave. Its real.

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