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Saturday, March 24, 2012

America Is An Oppressed Society-Entire Country Under Mind Control

Per usual I ain't picky about the sources of the links as long as the info is useful.

The population of the United States are being subjected to brain washing, 'mind control' or thought control which ever term you prefer. This is being accomplished through the use of chemical influence, technologies, psychological warfare such as active harassment and the use of long term trauma based brainwashing like intimidation, threatening securities such as food, shelter etc and propaganda.

The vulnerability of this system of control is that IT IS ONLY EFFECTIVE IN THE FORM OF A COCKTAIL. If one part were taken away its controlled subjects would begin to 'wake up'.

Its questionable if the citizens who seem in on gang.stalking campaigns and other activities such as domestic sabotage via covert ops are under mind control-either mass mind control of average normal humans or mind control programming which is used from birth to produce agents for various purposes utilized by intelligence agencies.

Various forms of such controls have been utilized by those in power historically world wide. However the utilization of technologies to control the thoughts feelings or Will power of human beings is supposedly a new invention of the 20th and this century. This method of control is so intrusive, so damaging and so total that it makes life on this planet as a human animal pointless. Man cannot choose thus cannot evolve and grow naturally.

This scheme is little more than a select group playing gods over humanity and deciding how earth and its inhabitants should grow...evolution is then non existent.

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