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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Monday, March 19, 2012

Diana Napolis In A Google Thread...Still Not A Strong Enough Warrior


Poooooooorrrr Diana N.

Her path in this has been ssooooo bad. Shes fallen victim to many of the traps. I dont think shes programmed. I really dont. Becuz she seems to become victimized by all their tactics.

I do admire her continued fighting though. She unfortunately fell for many of the traps laid for Targets and made the mistakes of actually stalking and contacting people which is what they WANT Targets to do.
They are so arrogant that my ex made sure he put this photo of the street signs of the cross streets where he moved to in LA.
Of course they wanted me to stalk his ass it was obvious.

I was very fortunate to have had informants and guidance through covert means to help me NOT fall into those traps. Perps mention "police connections" in my case and I have to say much of what helped me does seem to have come from those sources.

Also I have enough embarassing info about MIT, Harvard professors and other important men in Boston concerning the sex industry that all I had to do was keep threatening to talk and the bad cops or perps would back off. And THAT info is much more believable and attractive to the public than claiming some musicians world wide or celebrities are in on either SRA or at least media psy ops so they can get opportunities or whatever their little payoff is. And everyone of them whos suspect does end up getting thier own talk shows or their band does really well when its known they've run out of creativity by now (or thier aging fingers cant keep up with speedy and complicated guitar playing of complex compositions).

I also dont believe any of the people involved in this sort of thing actually deserve me to give them the time of day. She does herself a diservice by contacting celebrities or the Temple of Set.

Who he hell wants to even consider the head of the TOS is an African American woman anyway? Maybe she's friends with Jay-Z or Michelle Obama...who cares? That set especially should be ignored.

However without this woman bumbling through this and taking much the same path as other Targeted Individuals I and others wouldnt have been absolutely sure what NOT to do on this battle field. So many people have written books or made vids or blogs that have assisted in these battles. Each one left behind is found on the path by the next one kf us following, and we learn from it.

The Truth is always valuable even if the teller is confused and thier lives seem in vain.

Just the ignorance of the response to her inquiry shows how easy it is to deny whats going on by making up some bs instead of actually doing research. Its unbelievable that someone would simply dismiss V2k with such whimsy when there is solid evidence and documentation concerning the technologies involved-or at least enough to show cause and use deduction- like Aquino's MindWar for instance.

She shouldnt be using this forum as a research tool anyway.

I recall she started out as a therapist who came upon this issue and got targeted for her discovery and whistleblowing circa 90s.
Its sad how her direct action has led to the people involved being able to actually take legal action against her. Stealth isn't really her style unfortunately.
One has got to use good judgement in all this.

The people TIs are up against seem to be able to predict a Target's reactions and behaviors.
This seems partially based on it being that these campaigns hail from professional military psychological operations as well as the ability to actually predict future events or at least, possible outcomes in a timeline.

Psy Ops and psychic warriors. You know, those guys who stare at goats. Its funny isnt it that the actual real psychic warriors that Cheney contacted who have documentaries made about them are spoofed in a Hollywood movie so the public doesnt believe they actually exist.
Its also amusing to think that the men who stare at goats are responsible for helping the Satanic men who screw goats as part of the more outrageous intimated forms of blasphemous rituals involved in extreme Satanism. The Men Who Screw Goats.
Yep. Thats who you're giving the time of day to.
Probably dead goats at that.

Kidding aside it is annoying that the public would rather watch dumb movies that actual serve to cloud issues then use their lazy, half baked imaginations to come up with something quickly to deny whats documemented just so they can avoid pissing off the hand that feeds.

I really do sympathize with the Elite much of the time. Pure laziness and cowardice on the part of the public much of the time. Obedient to their providers til the end no matter what the price for their quality of life in this country.

I spread information for the worthy minority out there who actually deserve to understand why things are the way they are, when they look up at me so hurt and almost childlike, wondering why The People arent doing anything against whats been going on since Bush.
They deserve to know. Becuz they ARE smart enough to see something is wrong and quality enough of character to be concerned.

Let the black army have the rest of them. Especially the compliant ones who know its wrong but chose to go along, while of course hiding behind normalcy and Judeo-Christian fronts.

I wish Ms Napolis would wise up and stop speaking to idiots. The path she's taken is one of THE most difficult tasks a human being can face on this earth while incarnate. And it doesnt end well, I fear.

And for that MESS being anyone's fate, she deserves at least to spare herself dealing with morons like in this thread.

Internal ads. Yeah great imagination. You can tell only truly talented highly intelligent people get targeted. I can only hope shes just playing that stupid to put off an enemy.

And all she knows is theres ' a guy' named Constantine whos also an activist. Is that all we get? Is to see who can become the most noticable 'conspiracy theorists'?

This culture really is dense concerning the realities of spiritual battle and the existence of true 'evil' in the world. The system truly has them convinced none of this exists...but laughibly the US is rich due to child labor overseas, exploitation etc etc. I suppose the one thing I can't stand are the sheep who hide and act like they arent doing anything wrong. Or are those the Satanists? Ive seen so many people in Boston and Cambridge go along with my being destroyed. So many medical people, students st Harvard and MIT, so many MBTA workers. These lemmings are SATANISTS?? Why do I not think so? Why am I more inclined to believe they are all just lazy, self serving, overpaid, disgusting Americans who do Satanist's bidding yet unlike the designers of these campaigns, dont deserve any respect?

Diana needs to do herself a well deserved favor and stop giving The Proles any attention to validate their existence at all.
If there is a price to pay, and lets hope there is, we can only wish for the designers to get bored with them or ultimately have no respect for such total lack of spine or intelligence and devour these types when they see fit.

Its better to have to live as we do and know the truth before death than to be as IGNORANT and disgusting as the people Ive seen in on these campaigns or the sheep.


  1. Right now I'm just resigned to the fact that as a target, I will always be focused on, and the object of degradation by complete loser-coward types, whether on foot, standing around wasting their lives away doing psyops work, or just riding in their cars being jackoffs. The worst part is, they know they're safe, because the other perps/sheeple will stick up for them and put the smack down on us if we "step out of line". So that makes it OK for them to do whatever they want to us. Around here, they don't always flee if you film them. They are arrogant and know they can hide in their massive groups and are protected by the power structure. So what's there left to do? Why take down the power structure is a start. That way, the fat ugly women parked at stop lights laughing at me will have a lot less power.

  2. Yeah, I'm really pissed and fed up of having to face the army of dimwitted sheeple every time I leave the house. No wonder I want to stay home so much. Every time I go out, I see nothing but smirking morons and people gesturing. Yeah these sheeple are faithful to their masters until the very end. And they all stick together when it comes to harassing a TI. Because, they can do no wrong when they stick together. They way, nobody sees anything wrong going down. Just like Sgt. Schultz on Hogan's Heroes.


    LOL, they all see nothing.

  3. For me personally, I've been having a much easier time so far being as patient and compassionate as possible with everybody. I recognize that if I'm going through this experience, anyone can. People deserve empathy, and I could use some friends.