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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Immediate And Heavy Harassment In Mt Vernon, Missouri




Satanic activity. Remember Aquino has had MO as an address in the past. The GS and tech I experienced out here were some of the absolute worst experiences in my history of being tortured and abused.
St. Louis almost killed me.

BTW Mt. Vernon and all of MO can bite me. Piss off. You'll get yours you hick clowns.

The TA truck stop here. Someone actually said while I was in the bathroom "Did you warn the police?".

I walked in to find my host and this hick woman behind the counter jumps on me and asks "Are you lost ma'am?" I got pissed and told asked if I looked.lost or.if I looked like I was searching for someone. A waitress directed me to where he was sitting.

I kept the explaination to having quite enough of being harassed in little towns like this due to being a Traveler. They wanna harass Travelers or TIs using covert methods and systems and abusing authority behind 9-11??? Gooood, then so can I. All Targets should hand their bs and arrogance right back to them.

These land locked, backwards creepey hick pieces of sh*t are just one demographic in the US that's ruining our country.

Everyone who works in this Travel Centers of America truck stop was in on it. And I mean truly overt. They must think its still 2008 and I am stupid, vulnerable and unprepared. MO is on my worst shitlist for destroying my life and its my life's purpose to gain revenge on this piece of shit state. They absolutely infuriate me.

There were actually women who worked here and a girl with a cell phone texting something that were looking at me like they were stopped in their plans becuz I was with someone. They actually were stifled becuz they could not terrorize me, stalk and harass me. Un-fuckin-believable.

You know who you need to warn the police about you birches? The guy named Tom Cochran who owns the only hostel in St Louis and a bunch of land who's from an old money Plymouth rock type family back in Cape Cod, MA who's a major client of an untouchable madame back in Boston named Julie. And this is the hostel that little bitch Laura harassed me in, a friend of my ex Jake who tried to set me up during the federal investigation. She looks exactly like Ann Romney when she was young and was going to University in St Louis.

These people who take part in gs in MO are either of the.former two groups linked above or they are typical Americans who insist on protecting money, power and connected people instead of the Constitution.

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  1. Sigh. I know about about those sorts of places. Somtimes if you remain calm, though, instead of getting pissed off and yelling at them seems to work. I was in a Subway at Wal Mart over here (not MO) but the harassment was similar. There were a huge number of Wal Mart employees in there, and I heard this great big group laugh as soon as I walked into the place. Got a little intimidated, but I managed to calm myself. The way I approached it was to just resign myself to the fact that these people are basically under a huge group delusion. They live by false premises and beliefs, and I resigned myself to the fact that there is nothing I can do to stop their irrational hate, superiority, whatever it is over me. I did enjoy myself, because I sat in a seat far enough away from them. When I saw them leaving, they looked like they felt kind of bad. It's hard to believe that this many employees had to take a break right at 9:38AM, and that it just so happened to be the time I walked into the place.

    They live in a false reality. Romney may get in, but it won't change the fact that he is getting in using highly unethical means via his money and riches. Don't let them bother you. They do think they're superman x1000, when they are really superman divided by 1000. Just visualize themselves as mediocre insecure nobodies with a chip implanted to make them think they are somebodies, and this chip was programmed by the ilk of people vouching for or working for Romney. They will bother you and stress you out, which is what they do to me, but you can still have your time to smell the roses. This is your time to shine amidst the programmed sewer rats who think they're clean supreme gods. The more you put on the hardass vibe, the more they're going to get an edge over you. They are drunken with power because they have managed to convince themselves all these false pretenses around you and them are real. The human mind can be programmed to see delusions and sincerely believe them instead of reality. Putting on the hardass vibe may validate what they are doing.

    The only thing they have on their side is that there are a large number of delusional schmucks who are in severe need of culture and an education. And by education I don't mean school, I mean the type of education where they see how tiny THEY are to the real realities out there. They are nothings. Ignore them. They try this shit with me all the freaking time.