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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hate Comments

"But isn't Steve Tyler a great visionary? He is the creator of that masterpiece "Dream On". And don't you have to be a genius to compose something that awesome?
By Anonymous on Real Agenda Article: Navy, Air Force and DARPA's M... on 3/10/12 "

A "great visionary"? What is this guy, the head of a country or something? He might be a very talented musician and individual...but he's one that WASNT KEPT DOWN for reasons of National Security. Also read the expose by a friend from his past about the CIA and Mafia's involvement in ensuring his career would skyrocket to the point it has. Just Google his name or Aerosmith's and mafia. As if anyone from the northeast hasnt suspected that for years anyway. How naive are you outside NYC and Boston? Sheesh. You really dont understand how the world works do you?

GS was a surprise to me but organized crime tied into the legit system is a given piece of reality back in Boston. Wake up dufus.

Plenty of TIs are creative genuises..plenty of people are as well. Not everyone has such special handlers ensuring thier fame and success. And notice how such people never do anything very political to piss off or interfere with the system. His band cares about whats trendy to care about then its on to the next cause. Duh. No one is trying to down this guy for being who he is. I have a personal gripe becuz they gave my ex a job and thier sponsor didnt like the fact I, being from a family who is connected as well as obviously being MK Ultra, always shunned this creepy guy's advances. Too f*ckin bad. The entire scene in Brookline, Watertown and Newton that worships these guys and cums in thier pants when they get a rid in a limo on Sundays are horrid townies and awful Yentas who stood by all the GS that was ruining MY life as well as I saw first hand they caused a man to commit suicide by such methods. A man rumored (rumoured now, not fact or from his own admission) to have been caught having rough sex with a cop's wife locally.

These people are all hooked into the local crooked cop/organized crime/regular guy union structure and it took higher ups from a fed level or maybe the military to let them know they dont own the f*cking world and cant just do whatever sexist bs they want.

As one female TI said to me on a conference call years and years ago about MY situation and other Target's: "Everyone will pay for what they did". I am hoping she was an agent who was predicting the future not just a vengeful TI's wishful thinking.

Everyone WILL pay. Boston is arrogant and they act like its all acedemics, organized crime and old money but its really the military industrial complex that rules that place nowadays. Into the ground. Raytheon, MIT, etc etc.

And people from the northeast are as greedy as they come. They will do anything to anyone to ensure their high quality of life and act like spoilt rotten whining babies when those union jobs just dont pay like in thier dad's day.

Mitt Romney, a mercenary rich jerk, fits in well to that place- doing anything to anyone to get what he wants. His obsession with completing his father's want to become president.

The east coast is full of sociopaths who dont know there is anything wrong with them who are worshipped by society and a folk who worship them for thier wealth but if they ever resent them, organized crime is then worshipped as the ultimate way to 'win' over society via gaining power from the legit structure. If Harvard doesnt scare the rest of the nation for thier power tripping and greed- then Whitey Bulger will.

Aerosmith's fans show all the signs of being cult members. Good luck with that and enjoy being tethered to something that isnt real. The rest of us would like to be free and actually have our civil and human rights as born citizens respected while the rest of you f*ck off in TV land and celebrityville. You are already dead.


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