To Every TI And Everyone Around Us

Conditions have worsened for many of us moreso than even during the Bush admin...if thats possible. The system is trying to finally break many of us, silence us permanently. All the chaos and terrorism we are seeing many TIs especially MK Kids or Survivors know much of it is by design to cause racism to cause choas and fear and hatred. Now is not the time to give in or faulter...or accept their offer-you-cant-refuse by letting go and forgetting a thats happened.

Possible SRA Triggers In Flamenco Vid Above

Sorry I just noticed this. True they are wearing black and red but that has always been the colors worn in this artform.

However I definitely saw one of the dancers literally flashing the Sign of The Horns at the audience. It seems to be only one dancer at 3:19 to 3:30.

All I can say is that if you are an SRA Survivor and that is triggering then please use caution or dont view this at all.

The rest of it seems fine.

LOL they are ceratinly dressed like old school Catholic women or at least modestly. Who would have guessed?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Chuck Palahniuk-Another Smartass

F*ck Chuck Palahniuk. Seriously, I hate this guy's work. Its always been so predictably 'evil' with a big yawn and designed for shock value. Ooohhh he makes people throw up at readings of his work. WHATEVER.

I always stayed away from Fight Club even before I understood what my history and life was about. Instinctively I knew it was merely a cheap reflection, a rip off of the true story of programmed people's lives. Persons who are disassociative and or have MPD.

The little red berret to complete the black and red Satanic color scheme is just too cute to not piss one off at this guy even more. This kind of person doing media psy ops for the Hollywood/American crowd always has to do little things that just seem to convey making fun of or being 'better than' the victims of these campaigns and cults.

Its the cute beret, the smile, the smugness, the feigned innocence to fool the public that's so annoying.

She was a loner while alive but making friends now while dead.
Preachy and bitter but earnest.

These people can all go f*ck themselves. This limp wristed piss ass most of all.

Fight Club and its exploiting the conditions many MPD people have to live with, yet not exposing the entire situation fully only serves oppression and corruption fully.

And I hate being gotten over on by people who appear as if they don't suffer as we do. As if some entitlement serves to keep them above others who suffer as we do.

America produces a lot of these terrible ass*holes who think they're getting away with something but they are simply just dishonest wimps hiding out in trendy or show biz crowds. I can imagine parts of Europe also produce such smart asses.

Give me truly brutal destroyers anyday who at least I can see suffer for what they are. Some pain in the face I can relate to.

This guy I just want to punch in the face. Instinctively.

Oh yes you are.just so clever and are fooling the gullible American public with your work. Congratulations, you just took candy from a baby. Can you appreciate that analogy? Its predictable enough.

I love how these people trivialize the most horrific crimes against humanity by turning it into 'art'. There are people who turn such content into art without losing respectability for both the struggling victims and the black hearted perpetrators.

This guy isn't it.


Anonymous said...

Kinda like David Lawson, who advocates stepping on the toes of "fake police officers" or spilling coffee on them or laughing in their face. And he "rode" with perp groups. But most targets now now that those are real police officers who are going along with harassing targets. So spilling coffee on them, stepping on their toes, or whatever is definitely not a good idea.

In real life, the target is surrounded by real professionals who are in on their stalking and harassment. This whole stepping on toes and laughing at supposed perps sounds like what perps sometimes do to targets. The book could be a brainwashing to get targets to make themselves look like perps or get them in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Another blog site on gangstalking.