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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Thursday, March 15, 2012

America: A Lost Cause

Its inconcievable to me that things like gang stalking can go on here and the public doesnt even know about it.

People like me are marginalized for the rest of our lives and basically denied all human and civil rights and the public does nothing or worse they think its funny. What has become of a nation when something like this has become amusing? How is political intrigue amusing?

The problem is the public in this country dont want to be socially responsible when the subject matter becomes too murky. They dont genuinely care anyway about their felloe man all that deeply or society wouldn't continue to have the same problems they keep on having. Americans want to dominate, enjoy themselves and worst of all appear as if they are socially responsible.

Its easier to focus on the cover story and the crap from my personal life than to focus on MK Ultra, the misuse of military technlogies and how drug running and the sex industry clearly tie into the military.

So if I am not taken seriosly then the corruotion that is really the problem will not be taken seriously.

The perps ensure that the public dont take me seriously or its ok to hate me and they also via psychological warfare ensure I dont take myself or my situation seriously.

This country is now a fully operational prison and its one that authorities make sure the inmates ENJOY so they assist in keeping things just as they are.

There is no way to change America. Everyone is so totally brainwashed that its a lost cause. America is a lost cause. Its over and its never going to be free again.

The people are so totally in love with their gadgets and themselves and consumerism that they will never be able to release themselves from this bondage l
It comes with the price nowadays of compliance and silence that they seem to buy into fully. And so many young people seem in on harassing TIs even if they are suppossdly Anarchists etc that one can plainly see that its over and hopeless. They might have bought into the world wide peace and equality deception of the NWO becuz they were raised to or, like Nazi Germany or East Germany and other such examples the public simply go along with

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