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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kill Lists Couod Be For GS


Then this kind of thing can go on with 'killing' someone using technology, stress, psychological warfare etc.
The Target might instead be on a list for behavior modificiation.

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  1. They're using psyops to "modify" me (more like strongly discourage me via that type of harassment) into not wanting to pursue full-time employment. Remember, the cowardly little shits are only big and strong in their sick collective minds. In their sick minds, we are the ones who are hateful and despicable. Really, I'd not feel comfortable with a lawsuit. I'd much rather find out who these "field leaders" are supposed to be, because I can visualize myself going after perps with a knife and pressing it against their throats and telling them how I feel about them and their warfare.

    And meanwhile, people that helped the system keep me under control get promoted to cozy management positions, when I had witnessed them doing things like leaving work for periods when they weren't supposed to. But a lot of targets would work their asses off, and they get non-stop misery and jackoffs putting psyops in the media to help deter me from doing anything meaningful/

    Ironically, this very concept was portrayed on that series Alcatraz. You can guess how loaded with psy-ops that show is. In this show, this black guy is innocent, but he gets framed up for a murder of his girlfriend. Once in the Rock, they do all kinds of brainwashing tactics to make him think he killed his girlfriend. Later, he becomes a killer for real, and it's strongly hinted that he was programmed to kill, and that's what the frame up for murder was supposed to fulfill: to assist his programming as a killer.

    Then Jorge Garcia's character mentions about the CIA and their experimentation, and how they were doing this at (the fictional) Alcatraz. Who knows if they were doing this to prisoners for real at the Rock.

    In one scene, they strap him into a chair, stick something in his mouth, put electrodes on him, and inject something into his neck. They crank up the voltage while showing him film clips over and over of the trial of his girlfriend's death, with the word Guilty being superimposed on top of it. And he begins to slash the throats of his subsequent girlfriends. He doesn't want to, but he has these memories of the film clips of him being portrayed as Guilty of murder of his girlfriend, and he has memories of the electroshock treatment as well as the injections which drive him to kill (presumeably).