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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

TIs Should Not Use Any Social Networks

Ro not use Facebook or any other social network. They are all monitired. Especially Facebook. Even under a false identity and bs email.

If u r targeted u will feel and sense just how mich these social metworking sights are used for 'behavior modification'.


Anonymous said...

Perps have been suggesting to me for years now that I get a Myspace, and now Facebook. They do this indirectly or directly. They have honey pots to lure me into online friendships with them. Like this somewhat tall and skinny semi-Asian chick they had work at this one place I used to frequent. Well, then I get this (possibly fabricated) story that her mom didn't want her to go to college (a likely story), and hence she had to spend her young life working at Hollister at the local Mall instead of go to college. And of course, Facebook was dangled in front of me as a way of keeping in touch with her. She quit the job at my haunt, and that sounded like one of their storylines the system likes to script. So I go to the mall, ask for this girl, to see her (perps told me that she said to go see her at Hollister there). I go into Hollister, and the girl working there says HI and is all friendly. I ask is [the girl] here? She is like WHO?! And I got reactions from almost everyone I ask there. It looks like what happened is she must've got into a good college because she played me like other handlers, as payback for helping the system. It's shrouded in mystery as to where she went. I can only theorize that she is away at a college somewhere, but everyone is creating a diversion to keep me in the dark about this. That's the only reason I could think of, the girl seemed to genuinely like me, yet I was being played by her and others who are perps working at my haunt. I got excuses from the perps when I told them nobody at Hollister knew who she was. They then changed their stories to "oh she works at Panera Bread now". Funny how I didn't see her there either. Or there is another excuse they come up with, like oh she's been sick so she hasn't been working as much there. Doesn't explain how nobody at the store doesn't know who the hell she is, now does it? She was a pawn used by the system to control me, and now it seems she is being paid back by maybe going to college somewhere of her choice. And if that is the case, it's very likely she never could have gotten in there had she not helped the system target me.

What a shame. This girl was alright, not real pretty, but realistic enough to be at least something. I could have been slamming that, but of course the perps and the system have me on a wild goose chase creating diversions and phony stories and offering me a way out by having me talk to her on facebook. And I never fell for this. Never signed up for facebook. And I can see where this would lead: computers are nice, OK, but I want something real. I didn't want to marry the girl, but she would be perfect in a real world kind of way to at least keep me satisfied and bleed off some of that sexual tension the system keeps over me. No, I did not want to be forever in an imaginary facebook relationship. Some things are best done in person. What am I going to do, stick my dick in the USB port while staring at her picture on facebook? No, I want something real, goddamnit, not a tool for control over me.

And now I am so turned off by this situation involving this girl. Yeah, I'll stick my willy in the floppy drive while using the "Format" command under a CMD terminal session.

Anonymous said...

Here's an example of how payoffs are made to keep people quiet who know something:

Silly example, but the guy spills the beans, and gets paid many times more what he made doing the actual singing/rapping to keep quiet and maintain the illusion. Of course, just like in this example, in covert warfare image is everything. It's all image, maintaining a strong front while nasty things go on behind the scenes. Many people behind this do not want to be exposed, like Frank Farian.