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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Romney's Dad and Mass Mind Control-But Does The Public Care?

Most interestingly is the support of Ron Paul by the military. If this is indeed accurate information which I havent checked into yet.
(Someone commented on this blog that they are also an underground journalist. I am not a journalist becuz I dont always check facts or provide links to back up what I post. I often do but not always).

I also had suspicion about Ron Paul. Its just too damn easy.
It might be a sneaky ploy to get Romney supported like reverse psychology or similar.
And that twit guitarist from Aerosmith who gave my ex a big break is now mouthing off about supporting Ron Paul so right there. Since when do rock stars opinions about voting matter so much becuz they shouldnt. Its not really part of their job description is it? I notice this guy always supports the candidate the military overtly supports. And why would a man his age base any political decisions on what "all the kids" are saying?
Ive posted about the music industries connections to the military industrial complex. No more needs to be said.

I think its time to have a plane ticket ready is what I think. For many of us. And disappearing very quietly forever from American life...or at least thats what seems safest.

Ive posted also what I experienced in that small Mormon town Grantsville in Utah when I was stranded.

If not the govt or the presidency then at least do something to curb the Mormon church becoming so widespread and powerful. Thats all we need is two thousand more years of Catholic Church like oppression and yet another Dark Ages.
There is something more than just mass mind control and intense gang stalking going on with the Mormons. Something else and its very...disturbing. Beyond plain simple evil. Not human evil but something different.

I can't even go near some of their church structures without getting either ill or at least having a feeling of not wanting to go near it. There is something wrong with their churches and their members.
Or it could be their church is being used as a cover for something. What I experienced in Grantsville was not normal...I dare say barely human. Yet they do have some tolerant kindly people Ive met. Its like something affecting much of their culture but not all members are into it. There are people who seem like cult member mentalities and there is nothing unatural about them. Its when you get into places like AZ or NM or Grantsville. Even in CA theres an ivory tower that belongs to the Mormons.

The most disturbing experience was Grantsville Utah. Beyond human evil.

There is something severely f*cked up going on in the American southwest where its plain to see military bases everywhere and also our northwest where, more eerily there seem to be none at all.

It doesnt matter who you vote for. Until the public know how far this has gone and how sick twisted and ridiculous the people involved are they arent going to really be voting realistically anyway.

They are all stuck in the 20th century while so much of the upper classes they dont know anything about have moved on to a 21st century reality.
Its like they are building an order they agree on and letting the public live in the past-where their voted actually counted for something. As if democracy is going to be very out of style soon.

How can you have democracy when Bush wins his second election via the use of mind control technologies?
That means voting is going through the motions, acting out when the decision is already made for you.

And dont use that excuse of it being some wartime necesity to fix an election.

The entire system is beyond our control now. What is Ron Paul going to do about that?
Until this issue of mind control methods being available for use on human beings en masse is addressed realistically, the whole thing is one big fantasy land.

And its the most disturbing thing Ive ever had to encounter in this lifetime. Knowing that all it would take is to get out of cell reception range is probably the worst of it. Knowing the days dont have to be this miserable is the greatest torment.

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