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Sunday, March 11, 2012

True Heroes Are Denied Existence In The Unite

Its obvious in the USA I will never be allowed to function or grow due to being a threat to the very structure of this country.

Its obvious when, I can only think, function or remember or process information on Sundays or from 12 midnight to 6am Monday through Saturdays. I cant get housed I cant go to college or keep a job. This is your America. This is the piece of garbage you support. It makes ovens, gas chambers and being run over by tanks for protesting in China seem attractive alternatives. Becuz being able to excersise free speech is useless when such information is controlled and manipulated by mass media. Diversions and appeals to your greed with consumerism. Never questioning whats really wrong but instead taking psych meds and retail therapy in order to keep working and functioning in a society that wants only that from you as a citizen instead of true health and quality of life. Refuses you the freedom of choice by ensuring by design you cannot live simply.
America is only freedom as it might be displayed in a store window as shiny toy behind glass on a stand. Marketed. In the shadows is where reality lies and Americans arent buying- its not attractive or shiny enough nor does it kill the pain or keep truth at bay for another 20 minutes.

I think I will start taking it as an honor to be denied in America.

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