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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Heroes Dont Need Holidays

IAs usual on a holiday there is no feeling of gloom and doom or hopelessness. Other than being a Targeted person and taking this very personallly did you ever consider that the technologies used to make us so crazy and miserable, that we know are used for mass mind control also are used to ensure holidays occur, that they are profitable and most importantly, when people gather together on such occassions its carefully engineered so they do not feel the normal daily oppression they do the rest of the year? This is important becuz if people gather together they may begin discussing things. They may compare notes and agree that life should not be this difficult or miserable in one of the leading industrial and wealthiest countries in the world.

So holidays are purposely psycho managed so people will feel good and then its used as an escape.

However its not natural for humans to feel so horribly to begin with on a daily basis.

Psycho management does what ignorance and religion or other forms of psychological oppression used to do.

And think about how many people just in the USA are in on individual Target's campaigns. Those property have some understanding of society being managed by covert methods.

So not everyone is being innocently oppressed. The powers thst be cannot enslave a society as they have historically without the assistance of the People themselves.

And I know being targeted makes you feel bad.

You are not what they have slandered. You are not what they have made you out to be.

You are a freedom fighter, a hero. In a country with many spineless cowards, I don't see behave as dependent children on an oppressive authority figure and simply out right greedy animals.
You are as the characters of stories about heroes throughout history.

Screw new years. It's always been for amateurs anyway.


  1. Here's another excuse or two they come with: we're not wanted/needed anyways. I don't know how so many operatives can be so heartless and cruel. Yeah, oh well, nobody wants us anyways. Unless those are just more prescribed harassment to keep us down.

    "They" seem to think that they are so important and special. And look at what they are a part of. Ridiculous. Just so the research arm of the military and various out of control companies can turn their profits.

    Maybe we as TI's can adopt the attitude that "we" (as TI's) don't want "them". Maybe "we" are mad at them for not accepting that they are living in an unnatural state of denial and failure. I say failure because although they have done their damage, they still didn't get the TI's who battle through the wicked mob and regimented shills who battle us daily to "accept their situations".

    Maybe the big "we" think "they" are nothing special, either, and 'we' are not an anonymous faceless bunch of ghouls hurling rocks into the big vast darkness.

    Just look at how many of them are aligned against us.

    * "They" are in denial
    * "They" are hurling rocks from the comfort zone of their layers of protection and harassment
    * "We" see they are nothing special, and they are not. Just a bunch of listless not-very-bright phonies throwing rocks at us. We should all have a big laugh at them.
    * "We" do not need to "know our place, bitch".
    * "We" are also not "whores" and "hoes" and unwanted nobodies anyone can push around.
    * "We" think it's too fricking bad that they are upset they "we" are not "accepting our situation".

    What exactly is our "situation", anyways? I don't take orders from little twerps who attack from out of the darkness of corruption.

    "We" should get the message across to "them" that "they" are wasting their time. We probably can develop some sort of partial immunity from the tech, we've been interfaced to it for so long.

    So many anonymous attackers have popped up saying things like "oh you're not wanted" and that I'm nothing special, blah blah blah. Yeah yeah, but I can see reality, and I've been enduring this for a real long time.

  2. That's another one I get: "don't waste my time". And that they wouldn't be doing this if they thought I was some sort of idiot. They want me to appreciate that they are trying to reform me, like I'm supposed to be gracious for all the attention they've given me.

    Maybe it's more brainwashing in order to get results easier? Haven't thought of that one. But the fact that the campaigns are so goddamned ruthless and vicious tells me they are trying to break down our doors like a battering ram. They make themselves out to be a loving, caring bunch of caretakers trying to do what's best for me. But if they are rationalizing this with "oh nobody wants you anyways", and having perps stalk me saying thinks like "hoe" and "whore" and laughing, then surely I'd be on to their little deception that they are loving caretakers of mine meting out tough love because they care, and I'm not an idiot? That's where they are tripping up. They fact they haven't refined their operations to hide these deceptions well enough tells me they aren't as smooth and professional as they think they are. It's a good thing I can see through it it all.

  3. This 'Heroes Don't Need Holidays' post is quite impressive. Lots of feelings you wrote in this have been in the backround of my thoughts, but to actually focus and bring it to words in such manner is absolutely brilliant. Excellent observation, I can definitely relate to the super sensitivity of surroundings. Tapping into feelings and surroundings started at a very young age for me, when I was just a little boy I was able to feel empathy from people around me, I could feel strong feelings of others and could cry just looking at a person with noticeable hardships in their appearance and such. At this point I still have this, although the interferences of being targeted can at times push me to not care. Maybe you don't care much about anything I wrote, and it is too long for you too read, but I thought if I had a blog like this , I would be very interested in the personal feelings of readers of my material and making connections. Actually that is the prime reason for most artistic contributions that I make, a connection, a lifeline, bring to light the wonderful virtues a person may have within them however buried they are under the rubbish of attacks from the groups against us.