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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Thursday, December 29, 2011

They're All Guilty

Remember you're fighting against a bunch of pedophiles, Johns, drug dealers, rapists and such people who don't want to get caught.
IF THIS COUNTRY WANTED TO STOP KIDDIE RINGS, CHILD PORN, PROSTITUTION AND DRUG DEALING THEY WOULD HAVE DONE SO LONG AGO. They choose to leave a solid network intact. And gang stalkers are always people who don't want to get caught. They harass Targets, especially Survivors of mind control or people who have information about the sex industry because they themselves have something to hide.

My mothers family has a lot to hide and they think they can just betray me, help frame me and then put my squeaky clean cousin out in the forefront to make it look like my aunt was never a ho, my mother never a drug taking, welfare cheating child abuser and my uncle never shot dope or killed people for a living. That my grandfather was never a child molester. My mothers still just jealous becuz I had the Italian and Eastern European DNA she lacked to tell him or anyone else who tried to mess with me to f*ck off without caring about consequences.

My family can't hide what's gonna come out someday nor can Boston and Cambridge keep insisting I am the bad Guy so they can appear as if money and status makes for.good people.

..or that they aren't totally whores out to the military industrial complex there. Its ridiculous.

Unfortunately authorities like the FBI are totally discredited and can't be trusted. But they can be sued I assume. SOMEBODY has to be responsible for chasing me around the country, asking me what I think of George Bush and why am I traveling here...and where am I going next. And having idiots in Freemont tell me I am in Freemont becuz I am running from the FBI, while in the driveway across the street there's a douchebag in a black suit and tie with dark glasses in a sudan waving at me like 'we see you, we know where u r!'. Great! If u clowns gave me a subpeona then we.would've been all set!

Someone has to answer for ruining my life with games. Somebody is going to have to pay up. Perhaps the FBI if they aren't guilty would like to know who is going around impersonating them and misusing their clout in society....if they themselves were not the total bastards involved.


Anonymous said...

They don't want to eliminate them, but rather want to manage them, as well as the child porn and the kiddie rings. Kiddie rings, Kids for Cash, Child prostitution rings, are all programmed and have programmed expendable people/children. All are governed and regulated by the controllers. Of course, if they all "did the right thing", all of these elements could be gone in an instant. But they choose to let them remain in our society. Everyone else has a "problem with reality".

Read this psy-op article by non other than Ron Cook, the king of all clueless idjits who is certain no dummy when it comes to serving the masters of the Agenda.

Can you see the way it's worded, it seems like they want to punish a "certain 40 year old" who is resistant to "change" (as defined by the system).

There are key items in there, stressing he is moody, resistant to change, the world would be better off without him, etc. Then it says something about his need to prove how good he is.

The biggest joke was the last sentence:

Too bad it didn't make him any less of a phony.

Read more:

And of course this laughable bit:

"He often has had problems with reality."

Everything I say about "them" gets mirrored in articles, I've noticed.

Of course, all the media and the employees become targets if they don't play along with the Agenda. So hence, really laughable jokes like Ron Cook who has been writing really insanely insipid articles since the late 90's, become one of the celebrated bit players in the system. "He often has had problems with reality." What a farce.

These people really don't have any imagination at all. Just throw back everything the targets are saying back in their faces. Yeah, we sure have problems with reality, don't we? Another epic fail brainwashing attempt by a failed writer who can't write his way out of a paper bag. I'll bet someone contacted him with a list of items and things to write about, and he goes along with it.

Anonymous said...

Got more perp b.s. talk, related to my interest in learning Beethoven sonatas. This time, I got talk about someone who is "nothing special", and who "can get underage girls", "but college age girls would laugh at him". Which is interesting, because there are perps at the college where I teach, and one former student is involved in perping me and ratting on me. Of course, "they" know that Beethoven never even went to high school, and he had one or two love interests that were underage. Back then, not many people went to universities, and I suppose this refers to educated women (who he actually had as friends, plenty of them, as well as love interests). Did get some dunce walking down the street saying in a loud voice "he never went to high school", twice, making sure I heard it.

But then, colleges are a joke these days, too. These days, attendance is horrible, and some students are quite aggressive about harassing me during class.

I guess it matters that those ugly, shriveled, mousy, two-faced student women perps at the college were "laughing at me", when they weren't exactly, but doing harassment and standard perp tactics. Again, nothing special. The one former student was perping me, the one who is two-faced, actually seemed to have some respect for me. But she's kinda weird, like seems like she's burned out or something, or she at least dabbles in drugs. And she used to come onto me kinda sexually, or with a sexual kind of vibe. I do get those types, too - young female students putting on the sexual vibe during class.

They could be referring to you, too. I do know they hate you intensely, because as a TI, I hear dropped bits of conversation about you, and it's always insulting. Like the one student early December saying "ewww, she's so weird, ewww." I believe this could be a reference to you, because over a year ago, I heard another reference to you, same deal, and added things like "she's got bugs in her hair". So they do mention other TI's in directed conversations.

Yeah, they hate you. And also me, too. They brainwash me into thinking they have plans for me, like I am included in their plans, or sometimes I get dropped hints that they "love me". Bullsh*t! How could then "love me" or any other TI's? I sense extreme hostility whenever I'm out, like a hateful dark cloud that I am immersed in. I do get the sense that some female operative is somewhere at a high level trying to guide me through it.

They really think we TI's are nothing but garbage, like they truly believe nobody likes us. They like to play up the "underage" angle, too, and used to try numerous times to get me to have sex with underage girls. Doesn't take much of a brain to figure this one out. By hooking me up with an underage tramp, like a 17 yo or younger, they hope to aid their smear campaigns. They know I would never go for that, and of course, are tormenting me with psy-ops to get my feelings for underage girls inflamed. They want me to become like the dudes in their network, playboys who love fucking underage chicks, like R. Kelly. I can't see how I'd even be able to do something like this. I can't see myself doing something like this.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how it's so imperative that they keep us isolated. Yet, not only do they get to keep their love interests, their boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, but they can't seem to exist with their ties to the Networks. And they expect us to live like this! I'd love to see them live like we do for just a little while, with the same expectations they have of us.

Anonymous said...

It's like the lines from the one Alice Cooper song, "I Never Cry":

I may be lonely, but I'm never alone

And the night may pass me by, but I never cry.

Interesting, how they keep us isolated, yet they keep plenty of perps in our vicinity. I guess the perps are supposed to be our company! Really, those perps do nothing to comfort me, and in fact, they creep me out, because one guy is standing down the street doing some kind of psy-ops making me feel lousy, and a crowd of people is standing around on the porch, apparently not doing anything, but it has a strong gangstalking vibe to it. And all the while I'm apprehensive, because these people can say anything to get me freaked out, to get me to react. Lonely, yet not alone. And the night does pass me by. Thank you, Alice. But I never cry. Or is his name still Vincent Furnier? I read that he changed his name legally to Alice Cooper, to obtain full control over his former band of the same name's royalties, yet there does exist a Vincent Furnier in the public records, the same age as he.