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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Older Women Can Be Dangerous

Aww its time for the old bitches to show the still young attractive bitch who is boss...I have come to the conclusion that older women, if not of the right type temperament and if not satisfied with life are a danger to a younger woman's health. I dealt with this from my mother's family and here I am dealing with it again.

No women over 45 allowed to live in the same house unless they are hip, creative and not competing for lost time.

I never ever want to deal with this again.

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Anonymous said...

What do these people want to be remebered for? A lot of perps seem very misguided to me, like they believe they have a good set of moral values that targets and some others do not have. Well, they'd have to, else there would be a shortage of perps. It's like the say, "know thyself". I see that perps lack self-awareness, so they see flaws in the targets that need corrected, but fail to see the massive train wreck that is themselves.

Misguided morals and intentions, or do they know what they are doing? And these types do indulge in nefarious things that targets don't do, yet they seem to be privy to information about the target's weaknesses that they feel makes them superior morally or character-wise.