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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Romney Likes Steven Tyler's Show But Claims To Not Know Any Vampires

Why Mitt! Of course you do (know some vampires). The people backing you publicly are one mere example....and after the things youve done to people to get where you are today, and to fufill your obsession with being president becuz your dad could not....just look in the mirror.

The LDS church isnt faring too well with their track record of mind control victims.

"uh, I dont know any (vampires)". Are you actually going to let this guy into the presidency just becuz that's what Bush and his people want? Or that Romney played ball during Jr's administration while govenor of MA??

AMERICA ARE YOU TIRED OF THE TYRANNY YET??? Stop tormenting yourselves and get rid of this guy out of the race...sheesh.

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