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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bush Tries To Block Release Of Bush-Reagan Era Files


Anonymous said...

Yeah, they do think that. What they don't realize is how little we make, yet we work extremely hard for what we do make, and we have a good work ethic and just focus on getting better on the job. And it's a tricky balancing act, as there are shills on jobs who suck up to the boss and rat out the TI for every little thing, while they get to be unfriendly and unhelpful workers who get on Facebook and chat with their boyfriends like 30% of the time when they should be working.

It's amazing. This one shill is like mean and cold hearted, or so I've heard, talks about her boyfriends all class period long, refuses to answer students' questions or help them, and since there is a computer in each classroom, she sits up there and gets on Facebook while her students are doing work. And then, when students ask her questions, she shoes them away, tells them she's busy working on something. That's what some students tell me. Meanwhile, a student or students, I believe, have been slandering me that I follow one student of mine on Twitter (I don't have an account and think Twitter is pretty lame). The cover story is that I'm "infatuated" with this one student, a student who is trying to be a handler, and get with me, and I've caught word that I'm stalking her.

That is common with female perps, to slander the male TI that he is stalking her and "in love" with her. What a joke. So damned ridiculous, it's funny.

And college students doing harassment, laughing, don't worry about them. They're just there to fuck around and just have fun. And years later, what they've "learned" will wither away, and their synapses in their brains will wither and shrink from disuse.

That's another one of their laugh-riot handler tactics: insinuate that I have this following of underage girls that I mess around with, and that "college girls laugh at" me. I was getting insinuations that I get underage girls (which I don't), then they rationalize this fallacy with "oh they must be stupid or sluts". Whatever. Most college people are just themselves members of the herd. Don't worry, wait till a decade from now, when their fat and ugly and struggling to put food on teh table, and have to work in an oppressive environment, kissing the freaky boss's ass, and having to go along with the ridiculous system just to keep their lousy jobs.

But perps, they do get paid well. They have nothing to worry about.

All this covert warfare comes at a price. Just look at the companies failing over here. I never know FIAT owned Chrysler. LOL, and FIAT has this 500 model they make in Mexico. And I've heard FIAT is struggling themselves over in Italy to make it, and they own Chrysler? Wow, but they (perps and companies feeding off of this) sure are good at pulling in the dough from covert warfare, aren't they? Screw everyone else, screw the targets and their suffering, as long as the corrupt Borg makes their money.

Anyways, I'd like to know where these "underage girls" are that I supposedly mess around with. They make me out to be this spoiled pimp who has massive orgies with underage girls 24/7. But then I realize, we are dealing with the imagination of sick minds who imagine us doing all these things.

Anonymous said...

Carrying out projects in secret, meeting certain "customers" in secret, few knowing who "they" were.

I'll bet this is how the layers of OS/MC work, too, which is how they never get caught.