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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Cyclical Holiday Lull From Being Targeted

The holidays especially Christmas are torture for many TIs. To give someone's life back to them for a short peroid of time and then take it right back from them is essentially part of the torment TIs experience. Part of this is knowing one can finally take action yet many resources are not going to be available due to the holiday.

Once again the Target is isolated.

One feels calm, peacful, hopeful for a future, confident without anxiety or any kind of insanity -like a normal person basically with a normal life.

This is given back to the Target for only a short enough time for them to realize all they have lost or been denied in life by the powers that be. Its also done during a period of time when they cannot take action or express these positive qualities and take advantage of this lull becuz everyone is on holiday.

Its also a way of cleverly continuing brainwashing the TI to give up their whistleblowing and to conform to the social norms of society...and remain silent life long about harassment, being blacklisted, abused and especially revealing the existence.of a huge network within the USA and abroad capable of the organized stalking, psy warfare and use of technologies on ONE targeted individual.

I am realizing more and more that when you are targeted out of having any kind of decent life the world goes on without you and you never recover.

The lull in being targeted and experiencing a return to normal life actually contributes to Targets feeling suicidal (depending on what phase they are in personally).

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