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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Clear Last Few Days

I had just deleted a post that focused on my feeling clear of remote influence with its varied side effects over the past few days. Somewhat since the 15th but completely since the war officiallly ended publicly a day or two ago. (dont recall when news report was, traveling now.)

The difference is definitely noticeable.

I theorized it was either the wae ending, the holidays or one of these perhaps mixed with location.

However upon publishing I started to feel depressed, flat and forgetful/brain fogged again.

I know this blog is monitored by the gs system becuz once i started using my phone to post an not public computers i dont get harassed in specific locations, or rather i DO get harassed noticeably when i log into this blog from public access systems usually a public library. Log ins at colleges I havent taken note of any change other than it seems i am monitored when on such a system which i think is well known standard since 9-11. Some colleges post it right on the computer this is the case.

So this blog is risky always has been becuz its obviously hacked.

However i will be able to tell moreso after the holidays.

1 comment:

Medawar said...

In other words:
They have no remaining reason to harass you, but when reminded, they started doing it again out of spite.

Whatever the reasons at the top of a stalking gang, the perps are mostly there because they enjoy destroying people's lives.