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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bored Lawyer Threatens Fonda After Obama Joke


Who can blame him? We live in times where we are forced into feeling this way.

Obama was groomed and chosen becuz he pisses off certain people.

Hes as two faced as Bush. He tries to use Teddy Roosevelt as an example of how he loves America and wsnts to also act in our best interest, yet before this election timr he was busy abusing his position by claiming that America is a country with "her" best years behind her. He and his wife especially have played the race card unashamedly and tried to get out of thier former strong associations with a racist nutjob pastor and church.

Face it people: he never would have gotten into office without the Bush era terrorizing us and beating us down with unbelievable abuse of power and opportunistic exploitation of 9-11 and the war.

To be fair there are a number of African Americans that any of us would rarher have seen in office and at least theyd have real cred from actually being from AFRICAN Americans not questionable if they were born in Kenya or not. And his attentions to Africa as opposed to American poverty is overt, insensitive and also opportunistic. He and his wife serve as a racial focus, a distraction so Bush and company, including Blackwater and the like, can ride off into the sunset with the booty without answering for warcrimes and other horrors.

Anyone who still sees clearly, who hasnt become a zombie walking off into the fog for eternity, never again to awaken to reality, (most of the American public) is going to be resentful towards the agenda and its players.

Obama in many ways is obnoxious.

Also the sensationalist lawyer who says he could be incarcerated for such a joke is welcome to try it.

I doubt if the Fonda's connections in general are going to allow that.


  1. I have these experiences with perps all the time, and I don't even know why they try. I'm thinking right now that since this is a quiet little town, they need to have psy-ops posted at various points in town to remind of how much "they" hate me. And why do "they" hate me so much, I wonder, if my personal life is none of their business in the first place? They want to invade every aspect of my life, and then bitch about and hate on various things they hate about me.

    It's the end of the semester, and not surprisingly, they had a student of mine doing psy-ops with her boyfriend. Hmmph, it seems they want me to get stressed out over the fact that this student had a boyfriend. But he had dirty pants on, and was doing psy-ops.

    When I first passed this "boyfriend", he said the word "disease" very prominently for me to hear. And why was it even mentioned? He first said "disease", and then said "How you doin'?" every time I passed him. And this former student was doing this mannerism thing I strongly dislike. And I saw this couple standing still at various "key" points on my route (that the perps flag of as interest to them), and then slowly continuing up the road, making sure I saw them again at various key points.

    Why was a former student getting involved in psy-ops? And why mention "disease"? What was that all about? That makes about as much sense as the "welfare" comments I was getting. Why do I have a "disease", I am curious? I have been strong and never had sexual contact, come from a respectable family, and am obsessive-compulsive about cleanliness. And "welfare", well you can forget that.

    How many targets actually have disease and/or college "welfare"? I'll bet they are far cleaner and healthier than the multitude of vermin that go along with organized stalking slime.

    These people are a joke. Why were 3 former students doing psy-ops as soon as the semester was over? Are they bargaining for higher grades? Doesn't make much sense. I'm thinking it's for no other reason other than to feel dominance over the target by belonging to the group.

    And I had some students stab me in the back by running their mouths about certain jokes they found "offensive". Another joke, All I did was mention how there were "nuts on the table", and I got turned in to the director. Then I heard whisperings of a slander campaign that I am "obsessed" with one student, that I follow her on Twitter, when I have never had a Twitter account.

    So that must be why they want me to get a social networking site account of some sort, so they can frame me up for contacting someone I am "obsessed" with via my site. But I have never signed up for any networking site. So that is why it's bad for a TI to have a social networking site account, not just for intelligence gathering, but to have operatives talk to the ti on that account, and to leave a trail of conversations that makes it look like the TI is obsessed with the planted perp.

    if anything, the people involved are diseased and are on welfare. Isn't leeching off of a target a form of welfare? But they do not want to accept any blame or guilt. That is the job of the ti: to accept blame and guilt that the perps are accountable for.

  2. I'm not sure if you've experience this, but around here, there are perps out everywhere provoking me literally all night long, and when I have a tiny little reaction, they go running and call the police. How lame is that? I suppose some small towns are like this.

  3. And there is some other really silly stuff in psy-ops, like Beethoven doesn't really doesn't think much of me, that I am fond of him and his music, but he doesn't really think too much of me, etc.

    Unlike most perps, I can in fact read despite all the torment they put me through with their 3 and 2 at a time pack of gangstalkers. I have read Thayer's Life of Beethoven, which consisted of 2 volumes. I'd read both of those in their entirety with much interest. I guess that is where I got a lot of my attitude about being a non-conformist, and the whole notion of going on long walks, etc.

    So of course they are incorporating some isolation tactics to make me think he doesn't or wouldn't like me much. I am learning some new Beethoven material, like bits and pieces of a sonata here and there.

    Interesting, from what I've read, he went through a couple periods of major depression, and he talked of suicide at one point, around age 30 or so. The reason is given as he was starting to lose his hearing, and realized he would eventually be completely deaf. Then he decided to carry on and that he would give the World everything he was capable of giving it, as he put it. he said "it was Art that held me back" (from suicide).

    Interesting thoughts, though. It was "art" that held him back. As a target, you start to see multiple points of view on this statement.

    The perps, though, don't want us to be important at all to people of the future, but to become like them and everyone else, and to just simply accept what is "normal" at this very moment in time. it is very important to be like the perps, don't you see? All one-dimensional and not minding your own business, and worrying more about the here and now instead of what lies in the future.

    Here is a good example:


    The “Hammerklavier” is a baffling work for many listeners, but Beethoven felt it was his greatest piano sonata. “I am writing a sonata now which is going to be my greatest,” Beethoven’s student, Carl Czerny, reported him as saying. Beethoven even went so far as to claim that it was “a sonata that would give pianists something to do” and would “be played fifty years hence.” His boasting proved to be an understatement: The sonata is still played nearly two hundred years after its composition—and it has certainly given many pianists “something to do.”


    So I am not even attempting to tackle the Hammerklavier right now, but some earlier Sonatas of Beethoven. :-) One of these days, when I need "something to do", I will tackle the Hammerklavier. And here the perps actually think they are doing something important by going out into the night in large numbers and harassing one target. Maybe they should tackle something challenging for them. I should leave Children's books all along my walking path, the ones with the huge letters with one sentence per page, and also sheet music for "Chopsticks". I can just see perps trying to play Chopsticks. I'll bet I'd have an easier time with the Hammerklavier. After all, according to perps, the idea is to pretend you are somebody else without actually doing anything in the process. Just 100% superficial.

    But that would be sinking to their level.