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Thursday, December 29, 2011

More Mind Tricks To Trap Me Into Moving Somewhere Disasterous

And of course lately I am getting a lot of ideations as well as flashing visions. Only two.

That I STILL belong in Oregon more so than any other place in the USA. That I would be welcomed there. This particular harassment has been going on for a few years now. It comes and goes but usually occurs when I am settled into a city somewhere, trying to stay in one place.

What's wrong with this is that I cannot live in OR due to the high mold content and the constant rain, humidity. I've traveled through there and I wasn't well during my short visit. I could not imagine living there.
Its also lacking in any classical or Greco-Roman or Masonic artworks or buildings, symbols or designs like the east coast or even Cali. Its only natural beauty is woods and mountains which, being from New England I am sick of anyway. Their woods don't have the very dainty, pretty quality New England has. To me its just a lot of wilderness. No form or artfulness to it.
Places like Portland contain a kind of modern artwork style and no classical works. It has a depressive effect on me after a short time. The sculpture there in public spaces made me depressed just looking at it. Oregon is not glamourous nor respectable as a structured, historic type place.

Though traveling through one area coming out of Utah one summer before hitting Portland area of the state, I got this feeling of being very comfortable as if some entity of parties would be more than happy to have me up there.

A strange inkling and flashing visions isn't a very good reason to move somewhere especially outside a major city in a whole other section of the state.

The other harassment that's been going on as anyone that reads this blog should know, for a very long time, is that I should go back home and go to UMass.

Now this is just ridiculous. Why does it have to be UMass? I can't go to school anywhere else??
Anyone who reads this blog knows that in MA last year I had a terrible time especially with my health. Whatever is going on up there its extremely dangerous for me to be there. This is where I started bleeding internally and was targeted very hard in that apartment in Dorchester MA.

The entire northeast is off limits for any extended periods of time. My health starts to fall apart there and I gain weight.

Nova Scotia is now a major electromagnetic pollution area. Unless you are young and healthy or wealthy I wouldn't live there. Under any circumstances.

Perhaps years ago when I WANTED to go to school there I could have but its too late now.

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