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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The war is Over, Who Cares? It Doesnt Help TIs Get Their Lives Back!

Is the gang stalking going to stop now that the war is over? Is the remote influence and torment going to stop?

Its obvious that mind control and psy ops was used to get the tribes over there to bond with the American side.

Can I sue now? Can I sue my family and the military and the colleges, Brighton and Boston and various police departments?

How do I know? Becuz someone named Rebecca in St Louis MO at that hostel told me so. She said I would be targeted heavily for ten years. From 2001 till now, if the campaign is going to let up now.

So the best years of my life spent in exile being tormented and harassed jusr for some foreign war?

Im pissed and I want justice and revenge. This country is full of shit and its military abuses power to the fullest.

So I had to wait until all the greedy assholes made their money and now that my life and future is ruined do I get any relief?

F*ck the United States and the military or whatever power perpetrates gang stalking and harassment.

I was singled out and tortured simply becuz I was going to recall memories or I couldve testified against that bitch Julie or expose my family for being abusive.

America is a lie. The United States is a lie. All the worst people, criminals and total scum went on to have great lives and I was kept on the run for years and tortured.

The military only care about making money and controlling the public. I dont care what they tell your gullible asses on the news.

Corruption and scum run the United States Of America. And if I cant get restitution and justice for what Ive lost becuz the truth is being hidden underneath propaganda that I am schizophrenic or lying then I will make it my lifes work to travel around the world and telling anyone who will listen that the USA is essentially a bought out country controlled by special interests and everything is pulled off by covert operations from the get go.

I hate this country. And if I cant be happy or have a life or get the respect I deserve then I will give America and shithole Boston MA what it deserves.

The scum in Boston all get to have great lives? ?? Why? They are criminals.

Was it an absolute necessity for the war that I be harassed, mocked, insulted, followed, laughed at and humiliated? Especially during the Bush years, specifically the worst torment taking place during Hayden's time in office. (Michael Aquino's buddy from the military. They resemble each other and even blink alike erratically when interviewed.)

Scum is in ultimate power around the world.

And why was the Jewish community so involved as well as Isreal?

Something is very off concerning the entire 9-11 era. And the media can attempt 'feel good' sentiment all they want. (The war ending officially before Xmas? Talk about timing. The public are eating it up).

The country was so abused during Bush and so much has happened ancestors then that the public has been lulled into not remembering. I and other TIs remember. And we wont let this go. We WILL persevere.

And if ANY one, ANY part of the FBI or similar factions thinks they can abuse their authority the way they have and that I deserved any of this, they need to wake up and realize they are nothing more than victims of brainwashing. Or self righteous assholes. That goes for any part of organized crime as well.

They think they can do whatever they want and hide behind a war to conceal their true motives. The black community got Obama in- that was their price for helping during Bush.
And they also need to pay. You think you can cry victim and poor mouth while holding power quietly so the public are kept in a controlled perception about blacks. While having major crime organizations connected to rogue government well as any corruption or abuse of power within the FBI itself.

The public believe COINTELPRO just went away. As if people that screwed up and into control of others wouldn't raise children that screwed up as well. I've seen too many scum bag perps use their children in this. So the kids are brainwashed, basically domestic terrorists.

A number of very stupid people in this country thought they could get off on their personal petty hang ups and grievances by harassing me but they were being used by the system for something much more sophisticated and sinister. And from what I've seen over the years most of these people are either child molesters or back the culture or, like my family, come from a background where a perpetrator of sex with children, a pedo, was harbored by the family and the family is in desperate denial.

Screw your false happy endings.

You've got people at Harvard and MIT into these abuse and stalking groups, the kids at MIT looking generally more guilt ridden about the situation than Harvard. Interestingly you've also got proffessors as escort clients at both of those places as well. And both colleges have been involved with unethical human experimentation. MIT- military contractors and Harvard- CIA projects.

The end of the war doesn't change the pukes that run our country or our world. It changes nothing for those of us who have seen the truth.

Why does the public persist in living in a 20th century mentality when the tech and knowledge of the elite is 21st century?

Our war never ends and no one believes us anyway. Life may not be fair but why can't it not be fair to the people behind the gs system at times instead of always unfair to Targets?

Screw your dramas. Until the next meat grinder of young men and women is arranged always set in motion by covert action.

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