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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Union Pacific Trains Bring Hazard To San Antonio Residents

Look it up and get the desktop site. PDF or Quickview.

This should add insult to injury concerning the obnoxious train noise this evening which I dont recall experiencing last night.

Maybe I will start becoming part of this protest or on some committee. I will definately become pro active in seeking action on noise ordinance levels for train horn and why the need to blow so long? Its unessary late at night and evening.

I have alot of time on my hands remember that.

Also intermittent car alarm sounds (with a far off train in the backround) is only going to add to the charm of my voice recording or video taken of how obnoxious this is.

Its not 2007 anymore. I know how to ace this.

BTW all cities in the USA who arent Castle Rock CO or Flagstaff AZ etc, (rich enough to avoid having these games with TIs),
are ALL THE SAME in respect to getting harassed if you try to settle anywhere so leaving is pointless.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I believe the objective is to make targets move so they lose money and have to start over, and then still be abused by random people in the new location. I often wonder if gangstalkers actually know that they are such pussies. Do they wake up in the morning and feel happy? do they say to themselves "yes I am a pussy and am proud and happy about it". Any real person with character, would never let another rule them willingly. I for one have pounded many down with words, and they are really weak inside. Most of 'em if they were the ones being targeted they wouldn't last very long.