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Friday, December 30, 2011

Gotta Leave

I am now have to leave this place I thought was safe. They have a puppy with flatworm they are being lazy about treating and caring for (it pisses everywhere and now both dogs are getting into the garbage.)

This lady insisted on moving into my room at ten o'clock at night due to the assistant supervisor wanting her to do it right away. At 10 pm all over a puppy. The puppy isn't paying rent. The live in manager of this sober house hasn't been here for days supposedly due to a sick friend.

This morning the garbage men emptied only two of the three garbage bins. I think this place is being given indications that it would be best if I didn't live here.

Well they did it if that was their goal becuz I am not staying somewhere that I get treated like this becuz some woman can't handle pressure. Typical Christian type the weak kind who's always looking for guidance from Christians strong in their faith.

She's extremely selfish is she's imposing on me like this at a late hour due to her own emotional weakness.

If you get threaded on once it will happen again. So I'm leaving. This place is a bunch of lazy, afraid women anyway except for two younger women. They don't do their chores either. Another social services program for losers. Weaklings. And they aren't doing much in forcing some structure on them either and strengthening them.

Forget it. Besides I don't need flatworm. If They want To get sick with something That doctors don't admit to so you remain sick and they can medicate you calling it a number of other ailments they can give into the system getting the best of them. I refuse To I've worked too hard to stay alive coherent and healthy.

Isn't there a communal living situation without weak idiots or hippies? Or punks that destroy the place? Wtf

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