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Friday, December 23, 2011


Anonymous said...

By the way, I've found that there are certain key times of the year that are seasonal info harvesting time, and they will single out one of your reactions to get the cops to question you. It's more BS they pull, and the cops will also be used to question you as a TI. It's part of info harvesting "season". This is one of the times of the year they like to do this for me. So it may be worth it to detect this, and try to keep from giving any sort of reaction whatsoever. I found that normally, I can get away with any insane reaction, but these key times of the year, even a minor reaction will get the cops "called". You'll know it because you will have perps sent after you to do questioning, more so than usual.

Anonymous said...

Lookie here, a politician who claims that people who raise their voices are dividing this country. And the sheeple are cheering. Yay!

So basically he had no answers, so he hedges by telling him to sit down and STFU. Sounds so much like those fake-ass preachers you used to see on TV Holy Roller Hour.