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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Walmart using RFID in Underwear and Other Products

(Couldnt space or use number keyes as this browser or Bloggrr on this browser has been corrupted somehow)http://barcodereader.systemid.com/index.php/2010/09/24/wal-mart-uses-rfid-to-track-underwear/ The problem once again is no one is being honest or realistic about abuse of such access by powerful entities that DO have the money to track people. As well as sophisticated crime syndicates .Interestingly the article points out that radio waves dont travel well or work through water or underground. Every true Targeted Individual experiences exactly the same conditions. Whether it be an ocean down to a bathtub bodies of water provide relief.And its not just TIs or mass mind -this kind of pollution is simply bad for human beings animals and even vegetation. Trees have already shown to be damaged by WIFi.The end of the world may not be as quick and compelling as a nuclear bomb. ..it might come as a slow kill. And each generation will percieve this to be normal..until total devestation is the norm.Unless of course like the elite you have purchased your land to be tunneled out.or plan to take a dollar ride into space perhos in future to go live on Mars or the space station .They are going to make money off of rhe lower classes, trash the place, then leave.Why does that not surprise me?


  1. Well, the trashing the place sentiment makes a lot of sense. Around this nice little town here, I see a lot of bits and pieces of trash left by perps/stalkers. So that theory makes a lot of sense, and resonates well with me. That whole leaving candy wrappers, beer cans and similar in strategic places validates for me that they do indeed want to trash this place up. Just look at how stupid the commercials are, and how clumsy the psy-ops are.

    Where are the good, high-quality psy-ops that were present in the past movies and commercials? The ones I see are so clumsy and sloppily done, they are a joke. They just don't make good mind-control slavery systems anymore. How ironic is that -- because of this system, everything is lower quality. But even the system itself is lower quality. So does this means that some higher system is controlling THEM? Or is all of this just powerful people doing what chimpanzees do when they are threatened: maul and tear other humans apart, and leave them disabled. Everything is complete shit these days, that even the shit is complete shit.

  2. Walmarts are hell if you're a TI. I get constant theater and "actors" doing their "thing" at any hour literally. Walmarts must be a gangstalker training ground.