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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tufts Human Experimentation On African Infants

No surprise considering how heavy the remote influence is within Tufts Medical Center formerly named New England Medical Center. As Ive posted before the psych warfare within that hospotal by staff is generally nasty as well.

Arent they just so confident. As if no one is ever going to catch them.

The public must begin to understand how corrupt higher institutions of learning have always been and continue to be. That scientists and medical professionals often are so removed from humanity by various factors that they have no respect for human lives-only business and success.

The myth that medical professionals all behave according to Hypocrates inspired oath is just that-untrue. Human beings with power and superior knowledge are capable of abuse of power. It matters not their profession nor status.

Tufts, including thier dental school has always been extremely nasty to me personally as a Target. It will be a great pleasure to lump them at the top of the heap of corrupt, overprivileged institutions involved in torture, war crimes and generally arrogant behavior.

In fact, I am salivating just thinking about it. Tufts is one of the absolute worst.

Nuremburg Codes being broken doesnt matter to people who deny any wrong doing has been done at all to begin that comment I recieved on this blog as of posting about being harassed and malpractice being the basic behavior at the Harvard owned Mt Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, MA this summer-"Youre crazy". Typical strong response to claims of psych warfare from such an institution.

Boston and Cambridge are abusive, corrupt and deeply tied into organized crime, old money and the military industrial complex.

I have dealt with these people all my life and dealt with powerful people. The general attitude is that they may do as they please....becuz its Boston. Becuz its the east coast. Becuz they are the collegiate and Ivy league elite.


Anonymous said...

Interesting statement:

He claimed that some victims were 'drawn into this' and spoke of the 'positive' things he did for them.

Andrew Shubin, a lawyer for one of the alleged victims, said: 'This type of delusional rationalisation is classic in these kinds of cases.

'Pedophiles often horribly mischaracterise the abuse they perpetrate as something that their victims sought or benefitted from.

Read more:

This seems to be consistent with what the perps have been slipping me via psy-ops and direct info. In their minds, they are helping me, and they convey that they have a number of "plans" or ways they can "help" me. They really do think they are helping make me a better person. Just watch certain commercials, such as the Shell Gasoline commercials, where they say they are "making a great product" and another actor says "even better". So they believe they are taking quality people (certain targets) and making them "even better" by hammering out all the impurities like a swordsmith. Yes they seem to be very delusional at times. Other times, they seem to feel justified in harassing us, despite being over-the-top hypocritical. For example, a high school dropout who does drugs was saying "Dead wood" out the window as I was walking past at night. WTF, someone who can barely do their job at a fast food joint feels justified in telling me this, and I like many other targets work so much harder then others just to get to the same level. The hypocrisy and delusional thinking is epic.

And that idea that victims are 'drawn into this', and that they are doing 'positive' things for us, that is just so much like the perps' line of thinking. So the notion that we deserved this seems to fall in line with this too.

Anonymous said...

So the perps are abusers having the characteristics much like certain pedophiles, even though they may not be pedophiles in practice. Their line of thinking and level of psychopathy is very much like how pedophiles operate, however. And making threats and having long term contact with the victims as a method of silencing them, that is consistent with the perps and the system, too. Perps are pedophiles with with same motive, but in practice may not be meting out the abuse to young kids. I was told that Sandusky did this to little kids, not because he was attacted to them, but because they are so vulnerable and easy to prey upon. That is why certain people are targets, because they have vulnerabilities that the abusers can take advantage of. That's what pedophiles do: they take advantage of vulnerable or at-risk victims. And softening them up with harassment makes them even more vulnerable, so they are more able to prey upon them. And of course, there is the long-term contact and constant contact with the abusee to silence them.

Anonymous said...

Also, in my experience, I have seen people who normally would be decent persons become converted into the same type of psychopathic delusional abusers that the perps are. It seems one relative of mine or a few are doing the same things the rest of the abusers do. I don't think they would be doing this if not for the perps or the system. Something about this system is triggering the predator/abuser in normally decent people. Or are they slowly but surely being formed into such types of abusers by our sick society, psy-ops, other perps, slander campaigns?