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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Author Who Inspired Truman Show Possible TI/ Artists Exploited For Creative Works

Here's another twisted pretzel like mind game from the gs system.

This guy was more than likely targeted. FBI agents paying him visits? Father worked for govt? Berkeley CA???

Total Recall and Blade Runner are dead on concerning programming and mind controlled slaves.

Also here is an example of how the gs system rips off artists. One way to steal ideas is to torment a creative person and thus their output and originality is phenomenal yet they are usually "in near poverty" or in poverty their whole lives.
Also typical is places or people like Hollywood picking up on the artist's work and turning it over as hugely successful only AFTER the targeted person is dead. So so typical.

He didn't go to the hospital when advised to-why? Who wouldn't get medical attention for such a frightening onset of symptoms especially after being advised by a person aligned with the medical field?
Perhaps he was mistreated or harassed to many times. Stopping care for your health is typical for targeted persons. The fear of being vulnerable in an emergency situation like surgery or of being mistreated by staff yet one more time becomes unbearable- TIs are CONDITIONED OVER TIME to no longer seek medical attention. This helps along the process of destroying the person; it also assists in hiding other damages done to the Target via ACTIVE GANG STALKING or PASSIVE GANG STAKING. The former being actions taken against the Target such as exposure to chemicals as part of covert warfare or the use of bio agents such as mycotoxins etc (these are most easy to make look like just 'bad luck' situations or happenstance.) and the latter includes professionals not doing their jobs, purposeful negligence etc. These are also easy to make appear like misfortunes when in fact the system makes sure the Target themselves knows they are not seperate random, natural events but a never ending string of action and inaction performed for the sole purpose of slowly destroying the Targeted Individual physically, mentally and emotionally.

What is most distasteful about this wiki page is that his work is used as reference to novels that inspired the movie The Truman Show, which patients are using as a media reference to describe their situation where circumstances indicate to them they are being watched, monitored and their lives are like a reality TV show akin to the Truman Show movie scenerio.

Yet if they are Targeted Individuals, all of the very real circumstances would indeed indicate just that!

One of the biggest and most used tricks I have experienced the Dirty Tricks Dept using is what I call Chicken Or The Egg?

They arrange smear campaigns and frame ups and place
information so that they basically have predicted what scenerios and behaviors the TI will end up manifesting and expressing, and they usually push the person into such actions on purpose.

For instance to suggest to the TI in the beginning of a campaign that they are dangerous when they don't even get it yet, to smear them as potentially dangerous to the public and then use the gs system over time to push them into snapping, lone shooter being the worst case scenerio with specific Targets say.

Yet the person wasn't even capable or considering such actions in the beginning stages of the harassment and stalking.

Think of it as the gs system using time travel or a sort of manipulation of time. Self fulfilling prophecies.

Nothing but deception which is the mainstay of the gs system.

They are using a possible Targeted Individual or perhaps Survivor's work yet simply perceiving of it as the work of a successful schizo that due to his creativity is exempt from his mental illness status carrying stigma, as a fictional example to describe a delusion or syndrome among mentally ill persons!

Yet the alternative is that these people are being targeted as was the author who inspired the movie Truman Show!!



Anonymous said...

On Dec. 9, got planted notions via psy-ops that I should be ashamed of my endeavor to learn the Beethoven piano sonatas. Or that I didn't try to learn the 2nd movt. of the Sonata no. 8 opus 13, the Pathetique, in one day. That I should feel shame in taking my time, spreading it out over a few weeks or so. Also, I recall seeing a pianist named Jonathan Shames, he is on Saw him play the Waldstein. So I know that is a reference to J. Shames, the pianist and conductor. Oh, I see. They don't want me learning Beethoven sonatas, don't want me learning classical repertoire, but rather I should be churning out my own compositions, so people can steal them and use them in their works. Also, at the time, the psy-ops people can see I had an interesting in someone very nice, and OF COURSE THEY CAN'T HAVE THAT, CAN THEY? NOO, THEY WANT ME TO HOOK UP WITH SOMEONE NASTY WHO IS A HANDLER WHO IS GOING TO SHAME AND BELITTLE ME WITH VARIOUS ACTIONS AND SPEECH.

Of course, I should be "ashamed". Gee, I wonder who good of a musician those people I saw wondering around town last night were?? You know, the one pair of guys who stopped in front of a girl's house and said "HO!!!" really loud. I'll bet he should be ashamed the only intelligent thing he can muster is opening his big mouth to utter one insulting word.

Like one TI said, "they have two standards: one for them, one for us". We are expected to always live to impeccable standards, to perform to these standards, but the fact they are dumber than rocks and are gross-looking doesn't count, because they are "teaching" us. Well. I AM a professor, too. Yeah. What are "they" going to teach me? How to be an irresponsible prat who goes around "teaching" people with their hive?

They don't want me learning compositions. Also, some of B.'s sonatas have a healing quality, and that's the second thing they can't have me doing: healing. they want me cranking out the works so they can be used by famous artists, who will undoubtedly have 3-4 money-grubbing "writers" credited to the work when it partially was mine in the first place.

Like Pablo Picasso said, great artists steal; mediocre ones merely borrow. And what they are doing is borrowing, not stealing. By borrowing, they use the ideas verbatim, but by stealing, they copy them literally, but build an entirely new structure out of them. The vast percentage of the time, they "merely borrow", sounding guilty in the process.

Sounds like they are mediocre artists. Gee, Picasso was right! He certainly was no mediocre artist. But then, almost all artists are what you'd call "Charlatans", Dilettantes. Or maybe Dill-hole-taunte is more like it, because they are dillholes who contribute to the taunting of TI's.

I'll have to write it down: DO NOT LEARN BEETHOVEN SONATAS!! MUST KEEP CRANKING OUT ORIGINAL IDEAS SO THEY CAN BE "BORROWED" BY MEDIOCORE ARTISTS. But such mediocrity is acceptable, as long as it's profitable. Or maybe they don't care, and are jerking me around. They are controlling my learning of B. sonatas?

Anonymous said...

You are definitely on to something here about the ideas of creative people. Famous performers cashing in on creativity couldn't care less about who created, or how they get their act as long as they make money, and fame off of it. That is nice how you clearly explained the way it is done though, very thorough and clear. With certain tv shows, movies, music, advertising, it is my opinion that media is in on harassment if not the grandmaster of the whole org.