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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Reading Up On Defense Industry Assists TIs

There are a number of publications that keep up on defense industry, contracting even DEW! Those of us targeted yet uneducated would benefit from reading up on such things.

Most Survivors of mind control projects like programming etc seem to have been kept from much of how the world really works. Expendables are trained and utilized strictly for their purpose(s) and then as we know- meant to self destruct at a certain time.

Much is done to ensure if we do survive that we are as dumbed down as possible, and whats being done as far as technologies in use to dumb down the masses and TIs does not help at all.

I find my writing on these blogs is only back to its original quality on Sundays and holidays. Mostly now all my writing is just complaining or being vengeful. I find I am kept in a state of anxiety, insecurity, feeling I must work harder to achieve status in society, get revenge. Much has done to ensure dissidents and anyone who knows whats going on or wakes up to it is cut down and silenced so they are discredited as well as unable to function.

Much of the running over of memories that is part of what grinds one down and drives many to suicide seems to be relieved by conditions where remote influence is blocked or not present: Sundays, holidays, underground, in a concrete and steel structure with metal roofing etc. Yesterday I was being driven up a mountain and upon losing cell signal I felt as calm, clear and 'normal' as a kid in the early 1990s.

Air pollution and electromagnetic pollution are destroying human helath and have made cities unhealthy to dwell in. Nust so companies can continue to make money the truth is hiddenn from the public.

Then big pharma aloo makes mony off of covering up much of human illness from these causes by overmedicating and using biological psychiatry to explain away symptoms and poison human bodies even further.

The benefits of what makes cities seem fun and exciting are ssimply distractions from what is happening in reality to human beings and other life forms due to various kinds of pollution.


Anonymous said...

Copycatism - when one faction or individual(s) copy what another faction or individual(s) is/are doing. Also there was an incident last night where one guy was out roaming/patrolling via vehicle, and he was doing some actions in said vehicle that according to my history/profile would provoke a nasty reaction. Well this guy used my reaction as an excuse to stop his car in the middle of the road, just not moving forward at all, and he was mirroring my insults to him with his window down. I just stood there, not wanting to move forward, because I knew he could very well be some mentally unstable violent predator waiting to jump out of his car and assult me or shoot me or whatever. I would proceed very slowly, but he would be following me very slowly, but ahead of me instead of behind. Earlier, had some young woman come in saying "he sat on my face". (Oh yeah, and need I mention this said woman was doing overt ignoring tactics, obvious mannerisms to let me know she was flubbing me and blowing me off to get an emotional reaction? And it was like 23 degrees out, and she gets out of a car with her mom, who gangstalked me by herself in the past, and she had shorts on to show how sexy her and tan her legs were. Yeah, that's one thing they like to do -- have women show off how incredibly sexy they are, and to put on the overt ignoring act, to let me know I am not worthy of their "hotness". When in fact they are nothing more than yet another sheeple doing psy-ops.)

And this appears to be a street theatre setup, where the guy in the vehicle was sitting "on my face", so to speak, not moving, following me in his vehicle ahead of me. What's interesting is that when I saw a car cross an intersection in the distance, that was when this guy all of a sudden broke position and drove down the road.

Then I saw some cops down the road later. It seems our creepy little stalker man called the cops, because I was "cursing at him". I was asked if I did that, and I said I did, but that he seemed like a stalker. The one cop told me he "had a business in town", and I said "well if he has a business, then why is he out roaming around after midnight"? I was out at midnight, but as a target, one finds oneself so flarking pissed off and full of frustration looking for a release, sometimes you just have to get out and go for a walk, because why stay inside and get pissed off and suffer because of the pent-up anger? And I talked about how I get people showing up doing the harassment deal, you know what they do when they "show up", and when I described it, the young cop was holding his hand over his mouth laughing. So he knows about it. And the one older cop who was the driver did what the other perps have done, basically ask me so why do you think you're being stalked?

Anonymous said...

The denial and abuse involved in this business is very great. So that's how they handle targets sometimes, just blow them off and say why do you think anyone's stalking you, and say how well no one is doing it overtly and obviously, and nobody is breaking the law. so therefore the said stalkee (the target) is simply delusional and full of themselves and must be excessively narcissist to think anyone would want to stalk/mob/harass them. But the young cop was hold his hand over his mouth laughing, so this essentially vindicates what I was saying, that I was in fact being stalked/harassed. The young cop said not to film the perps, but to simply ignore them.

It's so creepy what they do. The whole coordinating monsters stalking the target via vehicle and then having the cops back them up, very shady. But other TI's have said that, that perps are always ready to call the cops when they get a reaction. Bunch of babies. The whole lot involved are a bunch of spoiled babies. And the people involved in the higher ups, they probably have never had any significant harassment or bullying in their lives, yet oversee an underground covert operation where the targets are giving significant doses of bullying and harassment and ignoring tactics.

Anonymous said...

Makes sense that a small business owner would be playing gangstalking roles. My experience indicates that a gangstalker may have a role in watching a TI, which goes along with my experience as well as what you've said, that they want to keep the TI in their sight and under control at all times. If they lose sight or "escape" containment, the system risks having themselves exposed, thus putting themselves and their covert system at risk. So I believe that an operative doing vehicular stalking may have a designated role of provoking/following/watching a target, and then calling the police if necessary. After all, maybe the cops don't know. Maybe they are playing dumb and are involved at the local level. It seems the cops always know about my situation, as though they have some intelligence regular perps do not on the target. The system seems to be playing watch, and then having the target charged with disorderly or arrested in order to protect their system.

Anonymous said...

Warning: I am mad now, and am writing this in anger. So just a heads up that the tone of this response isn't going to be too nice.

Pretty much EVERY perp I have seen is disgusting. I'll admit I have never really seen a beautiful classy perp. This system is nothing but a cesspit run by IDIOTS who have stolen classified tech and other peoples' ideas. It is a system full of literally retarded bums who couldn't get a job but somehow worked their way into the system by participating in high-level drug trafficking.

I think that you and me tend to read a little too much into this whole the perps know what they're doing blah blah. Well that may be true, but how come all I see are weirdos, ugly dirty trashy types, and fat women who are wannabe ball-busters, but can't seem to find a vulnerable man to pick on? So they pick on nice guys like myself. All they do is feed off of each other, and defend what some other jackoff did to me as though the particular act they are defending by said jackoff were written law. They act like they are defending each others' honor by doing this, but there IS no honor. All I see is straight-up hatred, and chaotic bullshit. Just ugly women thumbing their noses up at me. That's all I see. And this is proof they know what they are doing?

THEY are weirdos (top to bottom, including every "pro", field leader etc.). THEY can go to hell, if they don't like us accepting our "situations". What situations?

Well, I like to have this attitude:

We have already won. Their attitude about how "it's over" and they "won" is pure "self-talk" and reassurance on their part, as well as denial. We have won. We can take on like 1000 Illuminatis, but there is only one Illuminati. Every person I see, I cringe in fear. It's like every person has been infected with some sort of sickness. We as TI's are going to heal them, and exorcise the demons that have set free roaming over the earth.

Just found out the guy patrolling the neighborhood here was from a different part of town. Just another bum "they" sent out to do stalking duty. Leeches and dead-woods and weaklings and cowards. And that goes for every person involved, even the "pros". Why do I have to be afraid of "pros" now? They put their pants on just like I do, mine just look better on me. Hence the ugly women they send after me.

Hey, we don't have to accept that they are geniuses or supreme beings, do we? I sure don't.

Anonymous said...

At least if the Italian Mafia had something to do with this, there would be some honor and dignity involved. I have never seen a Mafia person stick up for what some random piece of shit does to me on the street, for example. Yet gangstalking is exactly that: a mass stoning, where each stoner imitates the other and defends the others doing the stoning. It's just mass mayhem and stupid acts of aggression built on top of each other. There is something far more sinister here at work.

Another example is I have a lot of bitter women who are frustrated because they want sex from me, and for me to chase after them and to go visit them after I'm done teaching my class. Presumably it's to frame/cover-story me as a stalker who is obsessed with a student. Yeah f-ing right!! Why would I want to chase after a trouble maker who is trying to ruin my career while getting sex out of it?

The neat thing is that the slander campaign is leaking back to me. The director told me that my students (or another teacher there) told her that I was "obsessed" with this student I just mentioned, and that "I follow her on Twitter". Or maybe it was another teacher? The teacher who did it, I've heard she doesn't go up to the board during her class, but logs on to her Facebook and talks to her boyfriends during class. There is a computer in each classroom. She does this while shoeing away the students who ask her questions (I'm busy). But she is sucking up to the Director. So she gets away with it. And that is exactly what some TI's have said, that perps on the job can get away with some pretty seedy stuff, while the TI on the same job has to constantly watch their backs because there are vultures (i.e. perps) lurking watching for an opportunity to get them fired. But they can do anything they want, because they are brown-nosing the boss.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to see complaints/evidence that city type people are invading previously rural areas like Centre County, PA. Specifically, State College. Just saw a comment on that he saw graffiti on the bathroom stall ways that resembled typical city graffiti. I have seen that, too. Late last summer, I was in State College for an interview, and I was at the Wendy's in State College, and there was a black family there. They were talking louder and ruder than usual, and they seemed a little too cocky to be normal customers. Some students there were doing the typical insult mumbling I get everywhere else. And what's more, the black family didn't get up to leave until I got up to leave. And also, they talked about how long it took to driver to the area, and it was the same amount of time it took me to drive there.

It used to be a nice secluded area, nice and cozy in the Valley back when I was there. But recently, I'm seeing a lot more inner city people hanging around there. Also, there seems to be more reports of people being attacked late at night, like they were punched in the face somewhere walking late through town off campus, by an unknown assailant. That used to go on when I was there, but I never got attacked. But it seems to be happening more frequently now.