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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Movie Review: Oceans Thirteen

Viewing this movie. Its VERY much like what goes on in a gang stalking campaign. So...there are criminal organizations who do these things as opposed to just agencies belonging to govt etc. If Targets are subjected to the use of technologies in a campaign that means sophisticated criminal organizations have access to such things. The movie might be showing what covert agencies use in targeting someone but dont want to reveal the source so make it look like only criminals do such things. Messing with that one guests room and food certainly was familiar to any TI. The help being in on it and having his picture on arrival is also very familiar. Ill never forget whst that group of people in a cab who offered me a ride said to me, one guy taunted me "You look just like your piiccctuurre". Had fun didnt we, during those heady Bush years when you could get away with anything under the guise of a legit investigation or the confusion and fear of wartime. Big f*ckin joke wasn't it? I can still see the bastards face who said it, each time I run that memory over. Slouched in the back seat with a few women a bunch of YUPpie looking people who blend in perfectly to any such setting in any city. I guess its like the little bastard at the Manhattan hostel said:" Its all about the money"(involved in targeting someone). Yer all so f*cking hard arent you? As long as you are in a mob or have access to superior knowledge on the singled out, isolated Target, as long as you are provided anonymity and protection by higher ups. You are nothing. You are insects in a hive. And I hope thst I and other TIs who survive with memories intact break you by exposing you to the public....again and again until the public realizes you are not simply the stuff of movies.


  1. Yes, they are hard: in a mob, and when in a mob or pack, preferably they are at a distance from the target. And why they even insist on coming after us like this is a mystery. It's like they have this sick case of obsessive-compulsive disorder, that they HAVE to do this. A lot of them are dead wood types who make up for their lack of ability to do productive work by harassing targets.

    I routinely challenge all of them to a game of some sort, but they feel continually insulting, harassing, and psy-opping the target is a better measure of their toughness instead. There must be something about the dopamine levels of people involved in this, as in taking shots at a target from a distance and with the mob and with full protection from higher-ups gives them a shot of dopamine in their brains, even if they know it is a cowardly act. They would rather continue their psy-warfare instead of competing one-on-one with the target. Always always always do they feel harassing and psy-opping the target is better than fairly competing against the target. They are losers getting their dose of drugs with their cowardly acts. Doing their thing against targets is their daily fix.

  2. I also felt that wrestling is mafia-hooked as well. Vince McMahon looks a lot like a mafia guy, but he isn't Italia. Kinda a quasi-Italian. Like the incident where Dr. D David Schultz slaps the reporter and causes damage to his eardrums. These are things the Mafia does to people who cross their pass or try to expose them. He claims McMahon gave him orders to do this, but them fired Schultz for doing it.

    So it looks like McMahon used Schultz as a disposable thug or whatever you call those Mafia guys that go out and break people's legs. He obviously knew he was going to fire Schultz, and couldn't have his precious secret exposed: that pro wrestling is FAKE, scripted, and a lot of wrestlers are abusers/crybabies who whine when people tell them their craft is fake. They do this on the grounds that they do suffer real injuries. LOL, what the fuck man, compared to real Olympic style wrestling where speed, grace, and talent are necessary. Not being a gross-looking, overgrown bag of steroid-injected bones. Or boxing. I would laugh in any wrastler's face and tell them to play a REAL sport. But they are still bigger than the normal person, and would likely slap the piss out of them. Waaa... our sport is real because we weally get hurt (sometimes). Waaaa. Drug abusers, fake hardasses. And Jimmy Superfly Snuka kills his wife and McMahon has him do a skit with Roddy Piper where there is a veiled reference to her skull fracture. How lame is that?

    I've had confrontations with real pro-wrestlers, and they like to look for fights when they aren't prancing around like overgrown fairies in a padded ring. I've had a couple in town here who used to stalk me all the time, harass me, intimidate me, and come after me and try to scare me with their "big" biceps. That's why I've been so critical of these bums.