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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Former CIA Philip Agee On Writing: Working For The Company


The vids on page don't work so I posted a few below.

Its like a book on tape nowadays the way he tells the story. Modern attention spans tend to be short so be aware. Its very refreshing however to hear someone actually just tell a story out right.
The other great thing about this is if you have ever had to deal with intrigue you'll appreciate hearing this.

Imagine if they were capable of all that back then, what are they capable of now with the advancement in technologies.

Average citizens now have the capacity to spy on people as well as create networks such as SmartMobs using cell phones.

For anyone denying organized stalking and harassment of Targeted Individuals do you honestly believe such an organization or similar parties would allow the public to be on equal par with them in such capacities?

The problem nowadays is not spying and revealing information its using all that's been learned over the years to control the population, like never before.

When I hear books on tape nowadays its very controlled. I can tell that the orator is not just flowing but there is a lot of control over where your imagination is going to go with it in the process of listening to a story.

What I have experienced over these years and with what I know about mind control, a very powerful entity in society has progressed in leaps and bounds in the ability to utilize mind control in media and through technologies, in order to control the population as well as target specific individuals.

With what we know about Project Paperclip, MK Ultra and programming of human beings, this scenerio is totally feasible.

The only confusion seems to be exactly who is behind it? Gang stalking for instance? In a world where crime organizations use advanced technologies and have manpower we can't always claim its a govt agency. Outsourcing overt and covert operations to private companies makes it difficult to say who they are working for- if its a government entity they can hide behind this loophole.

These people saw that the world was going to get more complicated and so have found ways to get around exposures that could be embarrassing as well as liability.

The military is obviously suspect, due to the military industrial complex needing to be fed constantly . With a paper like MINDWAR in existence their involvement is all the more likely.

Someone like myself, an uneducated person who was never privy to information about how any of this works, can become very confused as to exactly who is responsible.
For all I know the CIA is working to help keep the military from taking over through projects such as MINDWAR deems possible.

Its a bit hard to take when you think in terms of he CIA and other agencies being in on such a conspiracy collectively.

However, someone somewhere wants TIs to expose this or people like me wouldn't still be writing blogs etc.

Also over the years there have been new agencies created, ones that average Americans aren't even familiar with.

The way the authroities are structured nowadays is very complex and confusing compared to years ago.

What is most disturbing is the outright brainwashing that seems to be going on of much of the public.

One main reason that whoever is behind organized stalking and harassment is so confident is that the ability to mind control the masses is so absolute now that they fear no exposure. The circus is so large, with so much information to chose from that life seems surreal. Like none of it really matters. Not even our own demise.

This false environment they have created largely through media and tech such as cyber space, radio and TV, makes what is really going on in solid reality seem not as important anymore.

In fact one could look at it as if there has been an entire new dimension created by the existence of media through tech. One that is new to humans and we are not very good at balancing our real lives with it.
It seems like there is an ultimatum to either exist in the new dimension or be out of what defines modern society altogether.
Yet the missing factor as to why humans would want to exist largely in the media saturated cyber/tech world is mass mind control. If you interrupted the signals for a time people would start coming out of this deep freeze. I don't know what would happen to the kids born native into this. They would have to adjust.

Humanity was going to evolve due to the internet anyway as well as personal technologies available to them. Its simply that some powers wanted to ensure that evolution was engineered to their liking and to benefit their agenda not something more positive..and natural.

Enslaving humanity is not a great way to ensure world peace.

This is how far we've come with covert activities interfering with our lives-and our evolution as a species. Science is completely out of control when it comes to the agenda. And remember, many scientists are mysteriously killed, targeted or shunned due to their not wanting to be a part of this agenda.

And anyone who claims gang stalking doesn't exist is an idiot or a total liar out for themselves. Just watching these videos every heavily targeted TI has had to live through this paranoia.

These videos are just ONE PERSON exposing information. And for them to follow him to every country is pretty extensive. Imagine now with technologies-forget about ditching anyone following you now.

And what about many TI experiences with how massive the gs networks are. In my experience during Bush more people than not were part of this. Bus drivers, it seemed like 90% were in on it and passengers as well. Coincidentally Homeland Security gave them special powers and funding during the Bush years becuz they considered them Americas first line of defense.

But no one wants to deal with the reality that covert ops were used during that time period to create an entirely new society, one that's controlled and surveilled and now mass mind controlled.

People don't want to believe it but its true. Those of us trying to speak out about what we know and have experienced are worse than simply chased from location to location-we are jammed mentally so we forget or get diverted,our emotions altered to make us feel anxiety, anger, depression and our minds manipulated so we believe the situation is hopeless. With years of psychological warfare we are made to believe over time that no one will believe us or listen.

With whatever force the system has, mentally we are forced to run memories over and over again, until we commit suicide.

Worse than death is being kept in a constant interface, decieved minute by minute, until we are kept alive in a tormented state of existence.

One book of importance may be all we can produce in a lifetime, when many Targets could have been capable of so much more.

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  1. And they followed him to Paris, conducting psyops and surveillance. And such operations are supposedly illegal over there, but that would not stop them, because what they are doing is illegal anyways. Hence, all the spying and harassment. Interesting he mentions some of the things involved in a regular, bog standard gangstalking operation, such as operatives embracing and kissing, etc. Now, they just work in extensive psy-ops specific to the target or target group. And that was 72 or so. Not much has changed, except more unimportant people are being targeted this way, and their tech toys are far more impressive and secretive. An example: this sounds unbelievable, but they seem to know what thoughts, sensations, dreams, people I encounter not only in the present, but in the future and past as well. It would be impressive enough to do this in the present, but to extend this to the future, and to scan in various points in the TI's future, that is impressive. They must've mastered moving around in various coordinates of time itself.

    What makes this unbelievable is that we generally sense the concept of time as the sequence of actions and events. Hence, our normal perception of "time" is one-dimensional, and you are always stuck on a forward moving conveyer belt, not being able to go backwards or forwards, but you are stuck there perceiving time as a sequence of events as you move through it. But how to explain things like premonition dreams that are normal? And normally premonitions are happening in an altered state of consciousness, which is asleep and dreaming. So in order to do this, one must be able to receive signals from different coordinates of space/time. Of course, theoretical physicists who work for "them" would be of tremendous help in figuring out how to carry out surveillance at various coordinates of time besides the present. It would fit in nicely with quantum physics and relativistic theoretical physics.

    Supposedly operation Pegasus dealt with this, if it was real and not propaganda. Remember there is always plenty of propaganda to cover what they are/were doing. And Google as well as Facebook seem to be working with the perps as part of psyops/harassment of targets.