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Friday, December 16, 2011

Congressional Oversight Crippled The CIA-??

If the CIA is crippled and incapable of such large scale covert action as gwng stalking then who is responsible?
The DOD?

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Anonymous said...

I'm trying to uncover the big mysteries behind this thing myself. Recently, I've become more motivated to uncovering the shroud behind my campaign, and I'm getting a reaction in the form of increased interrogations, encounters with informants and operatives, and street-level gangstalking. The informants I encounter will usually display some sort of knowledge of situation. But it's unclear how they've obtained it. Because, I get an unusually high number of people texting around me. Like when I'm teaching class, there are people who sit there and text instead of taking notes. And the one informant attends the same college that I teach at. So it could be that the student(s) texting are relaying things I'm talking about in class to some central database, or maybe to each other. But this informant did not know the student(s), and was from a different campus of the college.

Probably they don't need massive funding, because there are so many civilian spies involved in engaging with the target and harvesting information, there is redundancy.