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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Being Targeted In New Place Down South

Where I am staying at night only and only in my bedroom there is a very nasty effect from what might be nearby powerlines or electromagnetic pollution (house has wifi as well as satellite TV. A lot of the neighbors have dishes too).
A part of a song I am familiar with usually something I've been listening to recently will get stuck in my head and repeat itself over and over. At the rate of a jackhammer sometimes. And other weird pinging noises. Its only for a few hours at night and ONLY in the physical location mentioned. I recently changed rooms due to a major health concern and since my second night here I have experienced this.

Its really horrible. Then the train is very loud most nights last night all night long they kept leaning on the horn. (Why is this necessary? There's no one around to get hit).

A lot of negative vibes from a few of the women. When one woman is present I get constant ideations that I should pack up and go back on the road again. A few of the women that don't work here and hang around all day are REALLY negative. You can just feel it coming off If them, as well as the shitty way they act. But its better than other places I've been.

Got a strong ideation this morning to leave becuz there's a puppy here they are taking cars of that has flatworm and I got a direct command to leave becuz of possibly getting flatworm. I looked it up and indeed they can transmit to humans and thy do a lot of damage to the organs. With my allergic reactions now I don't know if I could take medicines and can't take herbs surely.

Some healing is occuring but of course its coming along with a lot of content meant to change my nature. It seems very....Christian. Typically so.

Even my sexual health is being interferred with, the interference with the content of my imagination is definately hacked and being censored and used for further behavior modification. Basically its like FGM to make women less sexually powerful but psych warfare, torture, behavioral psychology and tech is used. Plus the damage to my genital area from not seeking medical attention for a while had helped damage nerves there.

See why people become travelers or take jobs that keep them away from settled areas for long periods? Smart ones we are.

The entire country is now under mass mind control and there's not much to do about it without having the money for shielding like living in a concrete steel structure no cell reception etc.

Oh and a lot of forced content concerning that this has all been a part of the new world system to make people not think about themselves as much and to create true equality. This is why we have to lose our privacy as citizens. We are no longer allowed to be individuals with personal power. We have to join this world wide brotherhood that's created.

Which is BS of course. Its only the common people. I am sure the elite don't have to. Its all deception to more easily get the public to buy into being enslaved.

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  1. Keep hanging tough. I hear ya about wanting a traveling job or the like. Good to keep in mind as an option someday. So far, they've failed to 'educate' me using their tech. Like I ever needed it. They keep trying to say I'm damaged, but the truth is, the tech won't work. Wish they'd just give up already. btw, they have to be dudes, all of them. Just pig ignorant about women. They're frustrated cuz they're not getting anywhere. Effing DUH already. Give. Up. They never give credit where credit is due. And I know better. Anyway, thx 4 ur posts.