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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Most Obvious Psy Ops Media Of The Year Award: TV Show PERSON OF INTEREST.

http://m.imdb.com/title/tt1839578/ PERSON OF INTEREST on CBS.

The sleazy, ambitious, drug peddler, diddling, slime in Hollywood really out did themselves with this show.

As usual the real motives behind gs campaigns are diverted and the real perpetrators are hidden behind a mask of some great, unknown entity.
"Hunted by authorities we work in secret". (Roll eyes now).
This is a common tacctic used on Targeted Individuals. Many times unfair actions against the Target are attributed to a faceless, inaccessable higher power. Everything from people around you referring to the gang stalkers as 'They' to a store employee telling a Target that unfair treatment has been dictated down from 'the bosses' but never with a sense of a corporate headquarters one could call.

The motive for targeting people in the show as usual blames the victims (Targets).
'They' supposedly go after people for crimes that the government overlooks as unimportant in the grand scheme of world events or in the big picture.

This TV show is by far the most damaging piece of propaganda becuz it hits those who may know that such a system actually exists but knows only what they are told of cover stories about why Targets are being attacked and stalked.

Actually gs is a lot like feeling monitored constantly. The tech part of it is very much like that.

However most TIs are targeted becuz they know too much, they whistleblow at high levels and had the credibility to make trouble or victim witnesses to unethical human experimentation, Survivors of mind control projects or Ritual Abuse- all of whom can recall damning evidence through memories at some point.

In short, this show sucks. Its abusive and insulting to anyone who has suffered under this system, lost their lives and had their potential taken from them as well as their futures.

Check it out just to see what I mean...then ignore it with a vengeance. Becuz its nothing more than a head game to twist up Targets to somehow believe that we deserve to be tormented.
Ignore the attempts to block our cause with more psychological warfare. Becuz that's all this is. Just more smoke and mirrors.

This might explain a lot:
I can just see these jackasses "hanging out" with these creeps and being "on board". It certainly defines the social scene of rich people I experienced in Boston. Everything was done by who you knew or did favors for. Everything was ridiculously easy. The ego trip most people are going to have concerning hanging out with those elements of society is what is most disgusting.
Now lets see if there are any articles on organized crime's influence on Hollywood.
Isn't the new system of whitewash wonderful? Its as sleazy and corrupt as the 70s ever was except they make it look as if corruption is being cleaned up with choice scapegoats. So the public believes its no longer a corrupt system.


Book: Hollywood and The CIA:

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