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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Keep it Up, Brats

Did I add that I woke up to intermittent car alarm noise along with more of the charming train bs and my phone went crazy by ringing a ring not chosen as my ringtone after I turned it off and on EVEN THOUGH NO ONE WAS CALLING? I had to put on my location a buncb of apps and put it in the freezer to make it stop.

Coincidentally I was looking up info about Mitt Romney, Mormon weirdness and corruption, Bush 'Sr' and the previous train article and left my phone with these multiple windows open when fell asleep?

Maybe I will get politically active as well. Imagine my big mouth, personality and t&a in a political campaign for or against a candidate, especially with my knowledge of 'dirty tricks'? A tenacious Yankee involved in politics down here might be veeery interesting. Hmph.

Or just rally against whoever is in office for the Union Pacific issue as well as anything else wrong with...well ANY city I go to.

It doenst matter where you go, youll get messed with anywhere and the perps will continue to act like brats having tantrums.

After the way the train industry messed with me during Bush I would love to put a few dents in their reps...and I can make people actually listen.

Noise- its nothing sleep aides and earplugs won't fix.


Anonymous said...

I can confirm the train passing at odd times trick. At the beginning of the semester, you could always count on a train passing outside shortly after class started, being loud as hell, with the horn blowing. Class started at 11AM, trains would always pass by outside at 11:30AM. It was so loud, I had to stop talking while it was passing. It was kind of awesome in a way, because the tracks were very close to the "math room".

And now that brings me to something I hadn't noticed about this "math room" the college started renting after just 2 semesters of me teaching there. All of a sudden, they put us in this large room, and it was controlled by the second floor heating system, and it would get unbearably hot and humid in there. This is one of the dirty tricks I would encounter at times... going into a place I was "expected", and having it hot as hell. And second, the room was closer to the train tracks than the other rooms I had been teaching in! One coincidence I had not connected to gangstalking, and as fate would have it, I am consistently put on the schedule to teach there every semester.

At the mid semester, the trains passing would become far less frequent. But then there'd be some guy walking his dog, walking right along the tracks, and saying stuff to his dog like "good boy". I'm sure the "good boy" was part of the programming intended for me, and the guy walking the dog would always be there after I was done teaching.

And then I'd get unusually disrespectful students, or one student was trying to latch onto me and talk me into doing stuff with her, right in the middle of class. If you can believe that is a real account, and not coming from a shill.

As a target, you get these types:

1.) troublemaking assholes getting off on harassing the target

2.) stalkers in cars just stopping in the middle of the road, or driving as slow as you walk, refusing to drive down the road at normal speed. An obvious "watching" tactic.

3.) Opposite sex members who present themselves to you, to act and talk in a way to titillate you, but at the same time are putting on a tactical ignoring act or thumbing their nose at you act while titillating you and talking sexually suggestively in a directed conversation style

4.) people of the opposite sex who assume you want them. Usually these are the castoffs and downtrodden who are looking to latch onto you because they know you are "prime meat" as a target. Or they assume you like their advances or that you want to fuck them or whatever.

But with point #4, that holds true of any kind of perp, really. Lots of perps assume you like engaging with them or that you like being harassed, or can "take" their harassment, or that you are some pushover who will not retaliate against them.

And even if you have a house to go home to, you can't escape it, because commercials and other programs have actors, psy-ops, and subliminals to torment you. And I don't mean this lightly, either. When I mean TORMENT, I mean they torment the hell out of you.

Like those Santa Claus commercials which have psy-ops to send the TI a message they are some sort of whore or undesirable (a constant of the system anyways) when it clearly is not true, but they know that and use this fact to get the TI stressed and angry.

If anything, THEY are the whores. They are the liars and jealous ones who use the media and other delivery methods to bring us down, but they are the undesirables and can't face reality. Many people involved with the system fall into this category, and hence is why they go along with the system in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Just to add to my previous post. Yeah I've noticed trains being used by the Perps, too. And it's probably not a coincidence they have me teaching at a remote "campus" or "center" as they call them of the community college. This one particular "campus" or center has trains that pass in the late morning, and early afternoon. And the train tracks are very close to the building, and this new room they put my classes in, the windows are less than 5 feet away from the tracks, and just above the top of the train cars. So you can envision how loud that must be. Sometimes it's nerve-rattling. So yes, put "train harassment" on the list.

And wow, what a coincidence... that is precisely where they scheduled the math classes I teach! And furthermore, this particular campus is the worst in terms of students not attending, and I happen to teach early classes. The result is that many students wind up not showing up, but then the director (who is probably a perp of some sort) would pass by and point out the meager attendance, and report me to the dean at the main campus. And you can see how that is a setup, probably not to get me into trouble, but to make me feel like I am doing something wrong.

And for some reason, I passed back the final exams to 5 of the students, when I know I am not under any circumstances supposed to be giving them back. Yet I somehow got mind-fucked into giving a few of them back. I told the Director of my gaff... I told her that I gave 4 exams back, but she told me no I gave 5 exams back. And it turns out she was right, after I went home and investigated based on my records. But how did she know it was 5 students and not 4 as I initially thought? And why did I give some exams back to students after I was done grading when I know I am never supposed to give dept. finals back? And I have been doing this since 2009, yet this is the first semester I made this mistake. Something isn't right. I believe something mind-fucked me into doing this.

Anonymous said...

It seems they love the anonymity the system provides them.

Anonymous said...

As far as reacting to sound triggers, I'd say yes, behavioral conditioning, the kind used by the perps/system, is extremely effective. The side effect is to have the target tormented by all kinds of "triggers" which occur naturally and are not really intended to be triggers. So the target is basically being destroyed by the intense conditioning/sensitization which is very pervasive and intense. They'll condition you to react extremely negatively around certain types of people, like say young females or older males. Of course, there will be a lot of operatives who fall into this demographic. But over time, the target demographic could be a trigger for a violent or intense reaction by the TI, and playing the percentages, it's just a matter of time until one of the target demographics becomes attacked by the TI, perp/operative or not. It's even more damaging when they aren't sacrificial perps, but unaware innocent people going about their business, but the target starts to interpret some innocent people as perps. Then there will be witnesses who see the TI who appears to be an out of control raging maniac with a mental disorder. But the real sociopaths will be safe behind their wall of secrecy and corruption, and they are the nutjobs running the asylum. However, it will be the possibly innocent TI who has been scarred and damaged by years of abuse by operatives, perps, stalkers, and shills who will wind up looking crazy.

And I've noticed a lot of people tend to stick up for the bullies, weirdos, brats, and troublemakers, no matter how stupid and worthless they are. Unless this is some kind of psych. warfare trick, I'd say our society is skating on thin ice with all of the damaging things they do to targets. Everyone just piles on, hurling their stupidity at the target. It's a bunch of dominant crybabies who want all of society to stick up for them, when they are nothing but sick sociopathic abusers. But everyone else for whatever reason, could it be peer pressure, has to stick up for THEM to squash out our internal flame. A lot of the participants seem like they are abusers living in a fake fantasy world. In reality, they are just trashing up the place.

Anonymous said...

This is where our society is heading, down the crapper, literally.

We have punk boys over here who do stuff like this in this town. Like this one 12 year old kid who used to come into this one place in town and poop in the garbage can, and sometimes smear shit over the walls and commode sometimes.

It seems like they like destroying things like this and pulling mean pranks as "funny gags".

Lots of stuff in our society is funny, don't you see? An example is ganging up on one target with a steam of others of like minds.

I get plenty of demeaning and belittling harassment events like this. Like the one dude who used to gangstalk me, who MAKES SURE HIS DOG'S POOP STAYS ON HIS SIDEWALK, and it is well-known that it is part of my walking route.

As a target, I should be varying my walking routes daily, to avoid stuff like this, but every conceivable path here has these kinds of "niceties" left for me. A lot of times the litter that is left along the ground is well-chosen to reflect various things going on in my life.

Sometimes it's hard to avoid, because not only do we targets have a large mob of serial perps (one after the other), but we are tracked with ultra-high precision. And hence the stream of large numbers of mobbers is being dispatched to leave such "niceties" for me. It's what Downcastmysoul referred to as momentos. She claimed she would see a pen at various points on the ground, to tell her not to blog about the perps. Things like that. Those are the things I'm seeing. And she would get harassed for the smallest things, like her choice in clothing. I get similar harassment, like for example if I internally rationalize the perps I encounter along the street as "stalkers", I get a retaliation basically punishing me for thinking that exact sentiment, and for others, like the one thing I blogged about, that I swore somehow I am going to be remembered for all eternity for my contributions, while the perps are only shit existing for the here and now and getting theirs "right now".

Anonymous said...

Right there, I am being punished for daring think such a noble thought. How dare I think about sublime things/goals?? Why, I should be [mind blanking now] pleasing them and following their rules!! They actually conveyed that they are smart, and have a plan for me, that if I chose to follow them and their plan, the outcome will be of benefit to me and help me become a great person. They do this all the time.

Oh, it gets bad with the vehicular perps here and the serial perps waiting for me at the place I go to eat all the time. The young lady who works there, she is really nice, and I help her out in order to get a discount on my meals. Sounds reasonable. But she is going along with the harassment. Like for example, a middle-aged woman comes in, and I swear I heard her say "he is dumb", and the young lady said back immediately "yeah he is dumb". And the woman looked so much like the vehicular perps who ride around and give me "the look". And she seemed like the typical dumb brainless mobber in the "brat pack". Yeah, around here, middle-aged serial perps are obviously one of those brats who are chronologically adult, yet seem like brainless immature brats from the brat pack. She looked around 52 or so. Typical for a lot of female perps. The worst was this bratty little bitch from high school who was putting on the Act they sometimes do.

I know full well why the word "dumb" was dropped: because it is a replay of what perps were doing to me, what I was replaying in my mind. Also, by insinuating the TI is dumb, I can see where dumb means the TI won't talk, so it seems like a well-engineered scripted piece of harassment to force the ti to always talk to informants and give out info.

And this woman did not look smart at all! Visualize this woman, over 50, with an obviously much smaller cerebral cortex than I have. Yet she gets to insinuate that I am "dumb". If I could get in touch with the perps high up in their roosts, I could tell them to do an MRI of my brain vs. the women's who were harassing me and then compare. I'll bet my brain is bigger than the sum of the mob they send after me. Oh but they are useful for something, other than icing a cake with shit.

Anonymous said...

About those mean girls icing the cake with shit: you have to look at the people have raised these idiots. Look no further than the parents and their peers, who seem to be influenced by the horrible environment around them. It just symbolizes who bad our society has become: there is so much low-grade stuff present in society, like the news, the music, the popular arts especially. Female singer-songwriters, the seemingly better ones, with the better material, there are a couple who come out with songs who have my musical ideas in them. Maybe it's a good thing? I could name them. If I listen to their songs which have my stolen ideas, I swear I can hear the guilt in their voices, like they feel bad for doing this. But maybe they didn't have much of a choice, for those entertainers who don't go along with the perps and their control tactics usually get targeted heavily. And maybe they are fulfilling their duties of targeting me, but yet improving the world and doing me a favor by using my ideas in their music. Those songs are better quality than the thrown-together shite of those producers/writers/artists who just throw a bunch of shit together with psy-ops and songs about raping and gangsta thuggeray. These people need to sit down and give a serious listen to actual music, like REAL music that uses just an inkling of sound music theory that was put out pre NWO-control-is-everywhere-and-you-can't-do-anything-to-stop-it. Or maybe they can keep throwing back my musical ideas, and having 3 songwriters listed as the composers. And what a joke that is, too - a lot of times, the people listed in the songwriting credits are merely those collecting the paycheck for music that isn't even theirs. Like Jagger-Richards, McCartney-Lennon. Those are just legal deals that specify the duo listed gets a split of the royalties, no matter who contributes.

The only real music in my humble opinion is stuff in the public domain, like Beethoven. His art (and other composers) outlasted copyrights and other bullshit, is likely to live on forever, and is still being rightfully highly regarded in today's shitty "NWO control is everywhere" climate. Today, being listed in songwriting credits is far from ethical, and is merely a statement of who is splitting the check for the royalties no matter who came up with the ideas. But people who come up with the good ideas get their ideas stolen, and have some lame hack writers take full credit for stuff that isn't even theirs. They get to drink champagne and live in the penthouse and chauffeurs driving their asses around, while we get the shit icing on the cake. And middle-aged nobodies from the mob calling us "dumb".

Anonymous said...

Seriously, the prevailing attitude is if it doesn't carry a hefty price tag, then it must be shite. The perps tell me it doesn't cost a lot to target me. But I have observed the operatives and shills and informants are those who tell me they are unemployed and in need of money. And it's very illuminating what you said, that you were approached by an informant who told you you could work for them, and make so much per week doing work for THEM. So where does the money come from to pay these people? Maybe a pyramid scheme from Criminal Syndicates? So the harassment is in place to prevent the top earner from being prosecuted then? It sure seems to cost a lot. But then, all that glitters is gold, might makes right, all that....