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Saturday, January 1, 2011

US Govt Pays Media To Put Content Into Entertainment For Social Training Purposes

Still want to deny that content in media is doctored or directed by outside sources? From this level its just a hop, skip and a jump to influencing content very specifically to and tailored to a specific person for the motive of targeting that person and that is done covertly, without it being a good and moral message to benefit the masses as this bs is marketed as- the same moves would apply. Present the content we or other factions want and you get rewarded. Its that simple.

There were always shows I just hated or movies even and it was always that I felt I was being socially trained somehow by said show or movie, with ideas or perspectives that were unnatural or obviously dictatorial. Actually I noticed this much more in the 90's. Right down to noticing movies were training viewers to accept fascism moreso, perhaps a primer for Bush era or at least last years of Clinton era. I guess being artistic I can catch very quickly a message put through pictures as I am not just a viewer but eternally a creator as well. Artists are born knowing the codes to whatever media we excel at- its genetic so dont try to even go up against that, being that DNA is being used nowadays to dictate fully what our outcomes and behaviors will be.

But of course. We are now fully denied any Will that will offset DNA or the idea that it takes both Nature (DNA) as well as Nurture (environment and socialization experiences) to create a person.

I also noted that the soundtracks to certain movies when listened to without watching the visuals were especially disturbing. Movies are rife with mind control.

I once pointed out to Jake that a movie we were watching contained an obvious sample of a roaring sound that one of the large cat families would make, like a cougar or tiger. One could hear it clearly as he used to get movies before they would come out in theatres and often they were unfinished in production. His reaction was one that should have made me not trust him ever again. He acknowledged with his eyes that is was so but shrugged and averted his eyes as if to say 'oh well thats the way the world is too bad, I enjoy being entertained too much to care.' As well as underneath that is the heart of a coward that would never dare go up against authority due to said authority being like a bottle in a baby's mouth. Right then and there I should have known he would take the side of the establishment if it came down to that, which is did when I was bamboozeled out of my life in the early 2000's. You dont realize how many people, especially artists actually KNOW these things and STILL act like the sheep.

Dont be fooled that fellow artists are better than the average untalented person. I learned the hard way that being an artist is not what separates you from the sheep, its the ability to stand against oppression and really mean it, not crumble at the first sign of a storm. You'd expect more from artists right? Actually they are worse than the sheep I discovered becuz they actually can see and hear whats there. They CHOOSE to kiss up to authority, and they DO have that choice unlike many sheep who are merely ignorant.

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