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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

The AZ Shooting and More Diversion From What Caused Such An Event

More diversion from what truly could have been done to prevent this from happening.

http://www.mail.com/scitech/news/126492-documents-detail-ariz-suspects-college-outbursts.html#.7518-stage-hero-1In this blog I focus on mind control and we have no evidence that this young man was a victim of mind control nor do we have evidence that he was not and truly had a mental disorder.

The erratic behavior and his way of thinking is certainly more disordered than a normal TI. However take into account that he is younger than many TI's who seem to survive as well as understand thier circumstances enough to grow wise in the face of psychological warfare.

As I have stated repeatedly I am perhaps more fortunate than other TI's. I know why I am targeted and not only have information on important, wealthy men as well as protected career criminals in the Boston area, I also have a pedigree of sorts: my mother is a documented survivor of the radiation experiments and this was done at the Naval Hospital in Maryland where so much MK Ultra activity took place.

My own behavior in the beginning of the campaign going 24/7 was erratic and there is most likely video of me talking to myself in public from the sheer stress and trauma as well as even recently the pressure has caused me to focus on my racial wounds from the war zone here in Boston, which now has simply been turned into a racial COLD war zone.
But still I push onward and keep taps on my behavior so I have the same info the perps most likely have so as not to appear to be hiding anything. This way, whatever blackmail or smear attempts are tried by them will fall short as their smear material is taken out of context and presented to the public whereas I present all the information including the gang stalking and harassment which causes someone to act out in such a way.

This young mans behavior certainly could be caused by not only constant harassment but druggings he is not aware of. And anyone who denies that isnt doing thier research. MK Ultra was heavily involved with using LSD and other drugs to see if humans could be altered or brainwashed.

It seems that what this young man did is going to help the nation to calm 'the rhetoric' but really this is a warning to all involved with mind control activism as well as those being targeted- the fear is now that anyone experiencing similiar behavior, which sounds like they are making all critics of govt etc who are eccentric sound dangerous. It is also yet another con to move on and 'forget' all the anger we have for what was done during Bush.

Also if you have been targeted the way I have you know that one of the misconceptions of an igorant public is that anyone who was acting as I was is going to go postal at some point like this kid did. What intrigues me about that cover story is that it implies that there is a system in place to watch and monitor people like this before they go postal yet this kid was not watched as I was..and he was also much more of a risk.

Its akin to the way the FBI handled Waco. A survior of Jonestown wrote that she could not believe the FBI/ATF did not know any better in how to handle the situation considering thier experience with her cult and Jim Jones as well as their years of experience in dealing with such situations, groups, and people as well as thier special mind set and ideologies.

It is quite suspect that me, being a victim witness to corruption in Boston and being able to testify (if pushed they thought I suppose) against a career criminal that is very valuable to many wealthy men nationwide during a federal investigation, would all of a sudden become such a risk as a mind control survivor. Also me being a mind control survivor was never really looked at, it was always based on my behavior being indicative of me possibly going postal.
Not only does that reek of a conspiracy to silence not only a victim witness in a federal investigation it also reeks of destroying a witness to mind control projects connected to MK Ultra (through my mother).
And in the end, it seems like a con ultimately due to the fact that I was never a danger in going postal, none of the factors were there for me to be a risk and in the end a kid who was much more the profile to be a risk, ends up going postal anyway.

Soo...explain to me how my life had to be ruined when the system in place doesnt work anyway.
And if stalking and harassing me is about me going postal and trying to prevent that, explain to be why there were attempts on my life. And why people across the nation were telling me that this was partially about me being able to tell the public how the sex industry reallly works and how abusive it is, instead of people thinking its like Jeanette Angell's coffee table book where her character 'Peaches' is wonderful person and working is just so easy etc. By the way that author is a good friend of the woman I knew who is 'Peaches' and that book came out just as I was being targeted right out of my life as well as during the federal investigation. It was a nice PR move to protect 'Peaches'. Funny how 'Peaches' only told us bottom feeders in her scene that Jeanette was a former nun from France and neglected to tell us she was a BU professor. 'Peaches' also told me repeatedly that her father used to work covertly for the CIA, which I took with a grain of salt until all this bs happened to me. If anyone is an asset its 'Peaches' and I dont envy her becuz she shows all the signs of being mind controlled and if that isnt the case her life is controlled by the fact she now knows a deadly amount of information about important people..and crooked cops.

I was told I was a threat due to being able to tell people what its really like and that many rich powerful men are cheap, abusive and very sick actually.

This was all hidden under my being targeted into acting crazy, easy to do for someone who is indeed a mind control survivor. I now understand that most likely what was done was to INDUCE brain damage so that I would go through deprogramming. If in fact my deprogramming took place simply due to age then this system sought to control that event so that I could be disposed of as a victim witness against this b*tch and all her rich friends.

People still think that I got involved with the wrong people. Again, cover stories. They dont understand that a mind controlled slave is directed to the so-called 'wrong people' so that they work within a certain framework, as in my case it seems for an asset, like my ex associate. I was directed a long time ago into 'Peaches' world by strange events and people making it happen that way. And every time I tried to leave the business I was harassed or other things happened to make it so I was not able to get out- alive anyway. I keep alot of info to myself until the time is right and I let the public keep thier stories of 'the wrong crowd' nonsense.

The system wants the public to believe ANYTHING except that mind control is behind alot of these events. They are pros at cover stories, just ask anyone who has dealt with the CIA or other factions that engage in dirty tricks to ensure America leads 'the good life'. All successful countries have a horrible silent, covert army making things 'happen' to influence events.
Believe that.

It makes me very angry that my life was ruined under the guise of my being a risk on going postal when I didnt even fit the profile (and all along the system was trying to make me go postal while claiming the survaillence was to prevent that which is infuriating as hell) and still this kid goes off anyway, and conveniently gets rid of enemies of NeoCons in AZ.

So not only does this map out a system that I now can see got rid of me, but also got rid of this kid as well as some 'problem' political people in AZ and all the while still holds its deceptions strong over the public as well as backs up the need for securities, the Patriot Act, psychiatry, police (unions), prison (unions, corporations), gun control and now perhaps a general mistrust or even stigmatizing of anyone who dares to stand up for this subject matter.

This system is connected to old, very old spycraft and they know how to engineer things to thier advantage. The only difference nowadays is that they seem to benefit from progress in tech as well as chemical warfare.

But take all this hard to believe content, factors your average person wont factor in anyway and look at the simple factors that could have been dealt with that no one is looking at.
We live in a society very different from when I was young. When Gen X was 22 it was the very early 90's and computers and the internet were all a part of this plan to start a wonderful new reality with being able to be mobile and connect around the world, this of course was turned into the nightmare we now see that is refered to as NWO.
My point is that young people today seem to be more antisocial and much more into being plugged in. This lacking of heavy socializing that is more random and natural has left many young people out. And psychiatry then takes so many kids and puts them on psych meds so young just for being kids or treating trauma issues or these new social abnormalities with drugs. I thought the whole point of 'Just Say No' was to get us OFF drugs being raised in the 70's with drugs (?) so you just put everyone back on drugs??
As they say in NA "A drug is a drug is a drug". Its true, aside from cultural differences between users of specific drugs, mind altering substances are just that. MIND ALTERING and that includes psych drugs. And to be honest, psych drugs are so barbaric compared to drugs that big pharma either takes from nature or blueprints from nature, that they seem more damaging than healthy. The question is why must humans take psych drugs- what about health? Natural health? And how in the world did humanity survive for centuries without psych drugs?
Its due to no one wanting to look at pollution and the environment etc.

All these factors make for a world that is less intimate and even less sensual than what we remember. They arent being taken to this new reality they were born into it, yet they are still very much human with a human blueprint from thousands of years of evolution. What we are doing to our young people is wrong. Perhaps WE think gadgets are OK in such consistent use but we dont think about what it must be like to be born into such a cold world of technology. I dont think these kids know how to feel or relate often. And I wonder if the kid that went postal would have done so if it was 1969 and there was some expression for his generation's discontent? Its interesting that we percieve Weathermen and women as underground heroes or at least revolutionaries when if fact they were just as hateful and violent. The problem is having a society that deals with its problems through ignoring them, medicating them or labeling them as something alltogether different from what they really are.

Note the kid had some good points about how our culture does not make sense ultimately. Something might have been done to help him deal with injustices in our society that do NOT make sense becuz he was right, they DO NOT make sense. But humans are aggressive, greedy apes with highly developed cerebrums, when you understand that it takes grace and Will to be human, to act humanely, then it makes all that knuckle dragging seem more understandable- and tolerable.

He may have had some medical issue with his brain being damaged or malfunctioning along with being in a society he did not understand and/or perhaps a legit victim of mind control and/or stalking and harassment known to accompany such status.

The answer is this: no matter what is being done to you by the knuckle draggers or the highest form of greedy predator who takes Machiavellian scheming as 'art', a form of high art- it is YOU who has the Will. To discover this Will is not easy for a 22 yr old kid.

Also I am by no means anti gun. But anyone being able to by a subauto weapon is a bit much really. I believe you would have to give good reason as to what you want it for. A rifle for hunting or home protection as well as other self defense weapons are quite different from sub auto's. Sub automatics are for shooting alot of things at once and one should question just what one wants to shoot so much of at once that one needs such a weapon.

These factors are not even being looked at in this case. Its all about something being wrong with HIM ultimately and its being intimated that anyone that has a problem with the govt, how screwed up the country is now or possible human rights abuses involving mind control projects (documented to exist readily in US history as well as torture still going on for interrigation) is a profile for a lone shooter.

One has to look at just what was wrong with this man's life to make him do such a thing, and he seemed to focus on other social and political issues not just 'mind control'.

In fact the system is kind of screwing itself and exposing itself: by focusing only on him being concerned with mind control, one starts to wonder if mind control is NOT just the very reason why he did what he did..if not why make that the focus of every lone shooter, as after all these years there is a pattern of lone shooters talking about mind control. Hmmm.

Humans who commit homicide or suicide like terrorists, lone shooters or people who take thier own lives do so out of desperation.

What this media coverage is doing is basically saying that anyone convinced mind control projects are still a concern is dangerously delusional and should be medicated and put into the care of psychiatry, before they get too crazy and act out publicily.

Well, if you are so convinced that there is NOT cover warfare going on in public spaces or technologies being used to silence victim witnesses why not investigate claims, such as mine for instance?

My mother was harassed out of testifying at the Pres Advisory Commitee on Radiation in 95 and I will be more than happy to provide details about 'Peaches' and how I lost my health, my future and suffered greatly during a federal investigation that seemd to skirt around 'Peaches' and all her crowd of rich people and heiresses. MORE THAN HAPPY to map out every detail including how me being a dangerous person supposedly was used to protect such rich people.

Go for it. Investigate claims of covert activity against citizens to protect special interests.

Until you do, you have no right to claim anything about this young man's life, his circumstances or to claim he was nor was NOT a victim of a mind control project.

Fix yer damn dysfunctional society and stop blaming angry people who are reacting to the pressure put on the American people that should have caused thousands of people like him to rise up against the US govt by now anyway...if it WERENT FOR COVERT ACTIVITY PROTECTING SPECIAL INTERESTS.

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