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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Destruction of Talented People

Moral lessons of twentieth century: Gorbachev and Ikeda By Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev, Daisaku Ikeda
"Primordial Utopian communism pushed its adherents to violence. It still does.To make everyone equal it is necessary to eliminate extraordinary things, like talent. Communists in the French Revolution-the Babouvists-called for the destruction of talented people in the name of the great idea of equality. They said: "If necessary, let all arts perish as long as true equality remains". In Russia when the leftist communists held sway in 1917, manors with libraries were burned and museums and churches were looted."

Human Rights in Ukraine
Information website of the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group-
Round table “Corruption in mass media” (Odessa)
"At the same time, one must understand the difference between the totalitarian and the social-responsible models of journalism. Totalitarianism includes repressions and physical destruction of talented people disloyal to the state. Everybody knows about the scale and consequences of such repressions in the Soviet Union."

Now this is all being pulled off with the ever increasing creation of a country with no middle class as well as gentrifying cities in order to ensure common people or the poor cannot live there even as nomads or houseless people or squatters.

It also seems that the totalitarian end of this was acted on during Bush yet the leftist actions against talented people are being perpetrated during Obama. How can two different parties be doing the same thing under two different banners?
One markets it as talent as a threat to authority and the other as a threat to equality.

I say its about creating a dictatorship of sorts, where the first people to be able to note what is going on and say something about it are those in arts and academia and any lower level people with talent or intelligence also.

This is not equality this is a full scale enslavement and brainwashing of a nation. How can Obama's ideaologies by the same as Bush's? During Bush I experienced perps who claimed that they were breaking down the system on purpose with covert activity and they seemed very much Anarchist minded. They had a frightening loyalty to push gay rights and lifestyles as well as minorities. This was during Bush...

It tells me that enslavement of an entire nation is going on under the guise of doing things differently than during Bush, which of course turns out to be the same thing as during Bush just under a different excuse for doing such things.

Many of us have been posting for a long time now about Obama and his crowd giving us a soft sell of what Bush and his crowd were doing. And it IS exactly the same becuz it IS mind control plain and simple.

Shepard Fairey's work is now more frightening than ever..and obvious. There was something about using black and red in his work recently- the colors of Anarchy as well as Luciferianism- that were suspect. And the communistic/Asian content that was present but portrayed as something good that was going to create equality for all was really creepier than anything else. The idea that this man was at the same time making Obama's campaign posters was not a good sign.

This is why many of us probably feel more comfortable recalling the Bush administration. This sick ongoing culture of brainwash and deception had not taken hold of the nation yet. Now it is fully in control of everything and everyONE. Its like leaving the country is the only option left.
I think we sense that during Bush there was still some honesty left about how outrageous the abuses were. Totalitarianism is a bit easier to point out as oppressive. Someone conning you into being enslaved or brainwashed in the interest of lofty goals like equality for all is bit harder to rebel against. I would rather fight the Bush administration all over again than to live in this depressing limp wristed mess we are in now. I much prefer to have someone trying to oppress me overtly with brute force than some handler playing games with me. In fact the former requires a good healthy fight where as the latter only requires submission. And if you dont do so then YOU are the enemy of all that is good and helpful to humanity. Which is a great way to perptuate enslavement of an entire nation.

Which is exactly the formula you end up with if no one points out the original assualt during Bush for what is was. In other words, this is the kind of equality we do NOT need. Traumatizing and intimidating an entire nation and not dealing with that or getting closure or healing leaves that nation open to suggestion and handling. You are prime for being brainwashed. Then someone comes along while you are in a stupor and claims that now is the time to make a bright new world from what has occured etc. That is a deception. This is the very basis of truama based mind control.

In order have true equality one must get right with what occured during Bush. Being f*cked over that hard leaves you open to a crafty and clever rebounder who now lovingly scrapes you off the floor and rescues you, but due to being so beaten down you are his forever. The country had its Will broken and is now being re-trained. Its mind control, its disgusting and if it were really a good thing the American people would have had leaders who eventually were honest with them.

The difference between today and the past is this: Nixon was caught screwing around and playing God- he got impeached or resigned. The American people were angry and called thier leaders on the issue. Ford pardoned him but at least the people got a straight answer and results.

Due to intense intimidation and mind games this was not the case during Bush and those actions still have not been dealt with by the people of this country. Instead of Americans who love this country you have many hateful, self hating people helping this to be a reality. It gives them a sense of superiority to destroy so many lives and take down an entire culture. Its THE ultimate mobbing.

The mobbing of America. By people in all sorts of socio-economic classes, religions and races. Its the worst actions of American self-hate we have seen in history.

And one factor remains that was not present historically: mind control technologies.
Without these technologies none of this would have been possible end of story.

Through research, documentation and experience I can say with all honesty and in confidence that mind control technologies as well as a system of conditioning including psychological warfare and brainwashing tactics has been used to gain control of the United States and is at present still doing so. These are the same systems and technologies proposed by Ronald Reagan in the 80's for use strictly in prisons and mental institutions. Due to public outrcry he pulled back these proposals and it looks like these methods of control of humans was simply introduced into society covertly and is now being used to control entire populations as well as more harsh and concentrated campaigns on individuals.

The general public is not aware of this theory and those that speculate or state such things are considered either mentally ill or conspiracy theorists. Now with the recent events in AZ all 'activists' dealing in such content have to be very careful to not be seem threatening or off balance in thier expressions of either thier theories or their personal experiences as 'targets'.

Much of this type of tech is being marketed inverse of its use on society. For example, many techies claim that the future of gadgets is in a brain interface where gadgets are thought controlled. So the consumer is put into the authoritative position with such tech. No one is sighting more sinister uses of such technology even just the possibility of such abuses, which many of us have deducted are in use even now in such capacity. If the public were marketed such technologies as being used to control them instead of they control a gadget they might feel very differently about accepting such technologies into thier lives blindly.

What human beings are doing is accepting trojan horses into thier realms by simply accepting that such tech is always going to be benign in nature.

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