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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tasers Used for Animal-Human Conflicts Raises Questions About Human Animals

It sounds like a much better idea than using a gun and it may save lives as many bear attacks I have seen footage of (well, from the camera being dropped and people screaming) seem to indicate that people are caught very unawares and in an instant the worst happens.

I think human beings with not enough gun expertise could taser more quickly than shoot an animal. Animals also have much thicker skin than us, literally. They also have alot more muscle and aggression. No matter how cute animals seem or how we want to get close to nature you have to understand that wild animals will defend themselves, get food, defend their young or kill you for other reasons or at least maul you without any forethought or reasoning. People dont understand these are NOT toys, pets, cartoons or human beings.

The amount of people who get mauled or hurt by wild animals while claiming to be animal lovers or documenting thier animal of obsession is amazing to me. The fact they do not consider the dangers shows man's predisposition towards romanticizing things as a great way of getting himself killed or injured.
As much as YUPpies and city folk dont like, make fun of or misunderstand rural people or 'rednecks' you could not wish for a better ally in a situation like this out in nature. You may think these people are stupid but they arent- their knowledge base is just very different from yours.

I myself think I could taser quicker than learn to shoot. I imagine to be able to aim, steady, target and fire with little experience under an immediate and high pressure situation would be pretty impossible. It probably takes years of experience to be that on your game.

The problem with this is from the article we can see that as usual, people in positions of authority are misusing the device. Tasering a runaway sheep is not exactly acceptable use. Would you have SHOT the same sheep under the same circumstances? Well then dont taser it then.

This is the main problem with non lethal technologies. There are people who have a natural understanding or knack for judging pain or empathizing. It seems like an internal thing, to know what is appropriate and what isnt. Only a person showing great restraint and responsibility would understand that tasering should only be used to replace shooting as an option. The problem is when people look at it from an inverse view: that tasering is a step ABOVE handling directly or using other methods they would have had to use to get results. Like the sheep forinstance. There are other methods that could have been used but the taser was used probably becuz it seemed like it made his job easier and got quicker results. That is NOT a good place to be judging from. One has to understand it is to lessen the force used in the situation or replace shooting, not replace hard work or using one's mind to problem solve.

If people see it as a step UP from a less intrusive, forceful methods instead of a step DOWN from more forceful, possibly lethal methods that is where the abuse will stem from. And that makes the person's judgement calls even harder.

Its alot easier to think quickly that you dont want to get investigated or suspended for shooting something or someone than it is to think of the taser as a last resort, one step below using potentially lethal weapons.
This would require alot more training than any authority gets now.

A good example of this is in the tent in San Diego, I know that a faction there, most likely cops, seemed to have some sort of microwave weapon perhaps for anti riot, becuz a vehicle went by and very quickly zapped the tent full of the homeless at 3 am. I blogged it and it never happened again, and the city was at that time fighting to get the tent down or something political was going on.
The perception of the authorities in that vehicle that one small zap would do not much harm, that it was used like a toy is the lack of judgment or the level of deadly corruption within law enforcement that exists that is so very dangerous with such weapons. If used systematically or in a certain manner such weapons can be used to indeed kill over time or lessen lifespan. For me, that small zap only added to all the damage I have experienced over years of being hit especially so violently in places like St Louis MO in 2008. Its the tazing that you wont see: in prisons, in urban alleyways, in foriegn countries with little values on human rights and big protections of occupying special interests.

Humans are too violent and corrupt for such weapons to exist. The problem is the example I used of a good judgment based on responsibility in authority and a bad one based on laziness which is a form of greed and self satisfying before considering one's responsibility or other such actions based in human greed or aggression. The problem with human populations is the same. In human affairs politics are going to come into the picture and that is NEVER considered when implementing these weapons. Its interesting how we consider animals, but never the HUMAN ANIMAL.

The problem is that it is not as obvious as shooting someone. Its going to be easier for humans to damage someone and leave less evidence of such abuses. Its the ultimate 'bad decision' as above, based on the more severe forms of aggression and greed. And I have seen the deception and violence that humans are capable of in getting their agendas fulfilled. Any weapon that can make it easier for aggressive people in positions of authority to hide thier abuses of force may want to be considered under those possible circumstances very very carefully before making them so easy to get hold of.

Another problem of modern weapons is that we are now entering a time where our constitutional right to bear arms is being undermined. What good is a gun or a knife against such 21 century technology? The authorities and powers that be now have weapons that we cannot counter as we do not have such weapons. Not that we could ever fight off a military takeover for instance, but we could give them a run for thier money with guns as well as any other weapons we could manufacture ourselves. It would give us some negotiating room as well as defense. Its sad to think of the day has come where we must think in terms of defending ourselves from our defenders but isn't that why we are supposed to have the right to bare arms to begin with? This country's forefather's weren't stupid and they are not outdated no matter what anyone says. Though this only became my country at the turn of the century it seems the USA's creators had a very good idea of human nature and the crap people would try to pull over and over again.

The power structure now has technologies for surveillance not just weapons that outweigh anything that civilians have access to. This piece has a claim from the DOD that ""The Department of Defense prohibits target surveillance of US citizens by intelligence systems," the colonel said, to deflect concern about any intrusion from the sorties."
As good as his word is he?

One must ask oneself why we need all this tech and we must not believe the DOD, the military in general or the CIA or other factions who have shown thier ability more than once to make the bad decisions I mentioned in the interest of greed and aggression. There is always a black project or operation that the public doesnt know about. I dont buy it. Its probably a choice of words, like these particular machines dont spy on citizens but he wont mentions the ones they have that do. Same old bs most likely.

Yogi and Boo Boo prepared to get tased: granted its a typical childish, Gen X type of media reference, the only way we can express how the military industrial complex and the growing arsenals of weapons is drowning out the Will and strength of the common man, and destroying any dreams we had in childhood of a truly better world, not a rigid, dictorial NWO. In a way this is the meaning of tasering Yogi and Bullwinkle.
This is what we imagined completing and perfecting our parents vision of changing the world was going to be about. And I believe that reality has been altered in order to have these events come about as they are today.
There may be chance that fighting so hard as we are doing individually and collectively may be that dream becoming a reality finally.


Anonymous said...

The problem though is that there are far too many people on the side of the aggressor. Just look at all the cowardly assholes we encounter each day that believe we are dangerous and go along with the harassment. They really are going to be on the side of the aggressor whom has all the powerful weapons, and we TI's still will be fucked. But then, if these powerful hidden factions didn't exist in the first place, maybe we wouldn't have to worry about all of those "cowardly assholes" and their bullshit.

Steve N Allen said...

This is bad news for hairy woodsmen everywhere.