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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. I have no actual belief in these theories as fact . If so I would've taken legal action by now. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theorizing.
My prior disclaimer stated that I'm often sleep deprived when posting due to my lifestyle as a houseless Traveler (and my age as well as health issues). This should be taken into consideration when viewing my posts and vids on the connected YouTube channel. I am a writer who lives a challenging alternative lifestyle and it is MY RIGHT to do so. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any other kinds of actions taken against me by others will be construed as intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Anonymous said...

I guess you're right. It seems like there is enormous pressure to give up and just quit, just erase everything in an attempt to just live your life. That makes sense that they would work that into the campaigns as well, to get us to cave in and quit. I still haven't seen any updates from GMB Bailey/Gangstalking since around Dec. 16. Well, she did mention taking some "time off", because she was getting her dreams messed with.

Well, that is a constant thing they do with targets. I have had many experiences to drain me of my energy while sleeping. For example, this week, I had one dream that I was awake and was trying to get to sleep. When I awoke from this dream, I found that I didn't feel rested at all like I should have been from sleeping that long (1-2 hours). One dream, they captured and recorded something a girl was telling me in my dream, and kept replaying it over and over again at certain intervals (every 5 seconds), and it persisted into my awakened state. In my dream, I realized right away what happened, as that thing the girl kept saying was out of sync with the rest of the dream action. Also, I get occasional dreams of being in a haunted house, where I'd be alone, there is nobody home, and I hear a voice saying one word. I realize at the time it is a hallucination voice, but this is within my dream. So I realize they can induce voices in dreams, and overlay them somehow with hallucinations.

At the beginning, they were using V2K to blast me awake, but they started getting sophisticated with "waking dreams", and "waking hallucinations", where there is a voice saying one word, repetitively, but it had been captured from my inner voice or my dreams. This all has to be related to remote neural monitoring. I'll bet they have a system that is far more sophisticated that RNM, though. Remember the lawsuit on RNM, was from 1990 or so. So, 21 years later, they have to be doing things far more sophisticated.

I'll bet those visions they're giving you serves the purpose that you'll blog about them, so the assholes at the bottom level can discredit us as being crazy. But what can you say... the lawsuit is from 1990, detailing the level of sophistication, and they are capturing things my dream "characters" are saying and replaying them back to me over and over in an awakening state. That is easy for them to do. Of course, nobody cares about that at the lower levels, because they'd rather stay dumb or keep everyone else dumb by saying oh why would the govt. do that or that stuff is only theoretical.

Anonymous said...

One thing my mom asked me when I mentioned Remote Neural Monitoring: she said "how did you find out about that?" Interesting that 2 years later when I mentioned it to her she just said "that's called schizophrenia". She also would say "Oh no don't tell me you are losing it and need meds?"

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess that would be a goal, to make us TI's feel icky and undesirable, especially if they fail in beating us down enough. I personally feel like I'm being punished for having talent. That seems like a goal of theirs, too -- make us feel like bastards for actually being able to think and play instruments, paint, or fix things, whatever it is we can do. The rest of these fuckers are so arrogant... people that don't know me are downright self-righteous and have this air of arrogance to counter their jealousy.

Basically, we face daily a bunch of ordinary average helpless beings who can't seem to get over themselves because they think or were made to think that we think we're so much better than they are. Or whatever whine they come up with. I used to here whining to that extent before everyone saw that I was being beaten down. Now they just have this smug arrogant look. But that's just because they have no inner power nor beauty; only contempt.