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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lone Shooter AZ

I am not comfortable with just one part of this cover up- selling anti terror, as being the sole motive for deception. We have to keep fighting until its connected to MK Ultra and other projects. Programming is going to be harder, I would be satisfied with a grey area including getting Survivors protection and therapy to deprogram without the system so easily coming after Survivors.

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Anonymous said...

When I saw this on CNN on TV, well, there was this huge emphasis on the lone shooter being "deranged", and his anti-government rants. They were saying things to this effect, that he was delusional, and his posting on govt. using mind control. It sounded like they were trying to paint anyone with similar beliefs as delusional, crazy, etc. Just like the System wants.

It's unfortunate these things happen, though. If there are so many delusional people doing these rampages, then why does it keep happening so often? I don't know if you've seen the coverage on CNN, but they kept digging and digging and digging for anecdotes that showed he was crazy. And reporters also kept emphasizing that his posts about govt. mind control were incoherent rants, and that similar "crazies" were out there blogging about the same thing.

The cool thing was, one Democrat they interviewed didn't completely refute these claims, but he blamed the news reporters for purposefully putting out negative stuff that would trigger such people. Sounds like that lawmaker wasn't in bed with the system as much as those asshole reporters were.

I've always been suspicious of CNN, that their reporting was just more garbage journalism. Oh, the Lone shooter was so mentally unstable. That was the theme, and they just wouldn't give it a break.

Or, how about this: maybe those CNN reporters were afraid of going against the grain and getting targeted. How about that? They get paid big bucks to sit there and pass off all these "going postal" events as the work of unstable delusional minds.