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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Lone Shooter Story- solidified, cooled down but damage has been done

Well of course the story of the shooting is solidified by now. The Herald gets the award for the best bullshit job by biased unprofessional a-holes out of all the papers.

Part of thier description was that he was a "pot smoking loner" who left a "babbling internet trail".

Also he was described by people who knew him (Wait I thought he was a loner?) as "talented and arrogant". Which of course means that every talented, arrogant pot smoking antisocial person is definately a hot bed of violence just waiting to explode. Which of course is total bullshit again.

The news acts like hes a typical terrorist mystery man with crazy agenda or motives. Its not the complicated as the kid left an envelope that stated he acted alone, which in itself is strange. Authorities supposedly cleared the older male who was suspected of being involved.

Once again the US does NOT want to look at its own actions in relation to a severe RE-action to its policies, present culture and the horrible treatment of its people over the last two administrations and probably we can include back to Reagan, minus Clinton. At least before GW Bush the people of this country had individual rights and a sense of control over thier lives...AND thier country.

With what has been done to the USA by greedy private interests as well as the leftist liberals who are working hard to help cover it up with this totally insane cult like NWO pipe dream to make everyone equal, non violent, non individual and have more and more govt intervention in thier lives, I am surprised that more "loners" as well as groups have not acted out in revolution.

I find it rather strange that all that seems to emerge are groups of and individual extremists. Its odd that level headed attempts at true CHANGE have not been made but instead only extremist acts that instill fear in the public as well as always revalidate the need for more and more security, survaillence and paranoia.

Only for so long can this system keep misdirecting public attention to valid and serious investigations or activism concerning mind control as well as draw attention away from the documented evidence that this country has a track record of unethical human experimentation that goes without consequences as in other countries around the world.

If the USA wants to keep playing these games eventually most of us that refuse to give up our viewpoints and research may have to move out of the country or be found insane or even simply marginalized based on our being a posssible 'risk' simply due to our activism, even though an investigation of many cases would prove there is just cause for such activity. Charles Schlund's case is one such example as well as my own where my mother being documeted as an experimentee connected to MK Ultra as well as my own being silenced in a federal investigation of Boston police, the sex industry, money laundering going all the way up to the FBI offices here during Bush, is definately reason to frame someone up and silence them as a victim witness.

To make all covert activity and corruption seem like paranoid delusion is the last shred of our freedoms and moreso our right to fight corruption being taken from us and its then time to leave the front lines and let this cancer just spread worldwide. If we cant stop it here on the front lines, perhaps other countries will listen, and be very interested in the information people like myself and other credible TI's have concerning corruption in the USA.

I personally do NOT like the tone of this last lone shooter incident. Its either the next step in silencing all critics of corruption in this area or its thier increasingly desperate attempts at intimidation due to the tables turning in our favor finally. I cant tell which at this point, but its very VERY dangerous that this last incidence was connected to someone supposedly raving about government mind control and being critical of the govt. Again the isolated extremist profile is being used to intimidate Targeted Individuals into silence and compliance.

I believe this system and the people behind it actually believe they can seal this for good and make all critics just go away by finally associating lone shooters with mind control activists. Most lone shooters in the past had some odd political motive or none at all, not publicily. The system is really pushing the line right now.

It may even be the reason why activism was encouraged in the beginning of many a TI compaign back into 2003. Becuz now its being engineered so that all that material may be used against us to finally silence for good wether through discreditation or through using such material to 'prove' we are dangerous.

However, youve got a few people like that sheriff stating that TI's are being pushed into acts of violence in order to make money for security/unions/military industrial complex etc. But that is ONE credible voice against an army of newspapers..its coming down to a public that is living isolated from any info outside of a false created environment created for them by the controllers and people who either know whats up due to being in the field (sheriff) or people who know from being victimized. Where do we go from here?

I dont know why this young man lost it and became what he did and took the action he took. There are plenty of credible, non violent activists who are competent or at least can analyze thier progress through being targeted so hard in moments of NOT seeming competent. This is a battle of WILL POWER. Either this young man hadnt had the years of life experience it took to be strong against such forces or he was programmed and triggerd to take such actions...even let us consider that he is an operative who's job it is to take such action and seem nuts in order to cause chaos and scare everybody into action or into everyone fearing mind control activists.

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Anonymous said...

Probably just another excuse to beef up security forces and spend more tax dollars on surveillance Toys. It does smack as a "shut up or else" type humiliation or intimidation tactic. And you're right, as I hadn't thought this man may NOT be for real at all, but just another asshole shill. Strange that he didn't kill himself. It seems like the majority of the time, such fatal rampages end in suicide. It's possible he carried this out at the behest of controlling forces, knowing those controlling forces can do the rest. Or it could be an excuse to get Gifford out of the way so they can wreak even more havoc with their covert operations. It does seem odd that he left an envelope stating he was a "lone shooter". That in itself sounds like a psy-op, to scare TI's who feel like acting out, to make them feel like they will be portrayed like weird eccentric madmen who are rejected by society. Also it sounds suspicious because after the shooting, they started ramping up the psy-ops against me to make me feel like some sort of weird, eccentric outcast, a "loner".

And as far as pot-smoking, it seems like a large percentage of perps do this, yet nobody ever cares about that. The System fixes things so that the spotlight is taken away from the perps' doings and onto the target. It doesn't help that so many dupes are going along with this.