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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mind Control Survivors Snapping/Infowars Take On Lone Shooter

OK I was mistaken. ALOT of former lone shooters were into 'mind control' as a subject of interest. I dont study lone shooters as its not my concern right now. To be very blunt and practical: they are dead now, its in the past. The only value they have is if more info comes out to change what we know about them or as in they being used as examples of possible mind control victims, such as programmed and then harassed into snapping etc.

I take to the theory that a number of these people were programmed assets and then a program of 'gang stalking' or organized stalking and harassment that includes psychological warfare based on a deep intel collection on the Target as well as profiling, chemical warfare and yes, either tech or actual psychic human forces. What this does is not only break down programming and wipe 'files' in the memory, the harassment in total is designed to eventually make the person snap- thus 'lone shooter'. And I will tell you what else does not help thier situation. Taking any kind of psych meds usually is not recommended unless you absolutely need it to survive. Believe me, once you discover your internal programming conshusly as well as discover the truth about programmers as well as the gang stalking system you no longer need psych meds for depression. You realize that all your life you have been kept like a veal in a cage as well as lied to by those you trust most around you. Many people on psych meds have not only trauma histories they cant or dont want to deal with, and that is due to the psych field not having enough psychological ways of helping people nowadays, but also there is alot of pollution in our environment that is affecting human beings as mammals, and we sense those changes. The lifestyles we lead now compared to just a century ago are a bit too convenient, and make us sedentary..the whole system you realize, in the USA anyway is to make your average slob into a very satisfied slave. It subdues the Will. Why cant people get thin, or really find the power to take charge of thier lives? Why do they need self help? Becuz the system is set up to subdue not only the instincts in our DNA from our ancestors and thier cultures but the human Will itself. People sense this on some level and it makes them feel 'depresssed'. Also this culture misleads, sidetracks and destroys or subdues anyone with psychic abilities. Years ago it was on purpose I believe to misdirect every young person who was sensitive, creative and psychic into the drug world or rock music scene if they would not conform in school and do well in THAT controlled environment.

One key thing I have learned as Target is that if the little fishies dont go the river way that the school of fishies goes, the system of controllers if you will, has an alternative waterway set up with a pool at the end to contain THOSE little fishies as well. You think you are rebelling but its all planned to contain you so you dont discover your true nature- the nature of your DNA, your ancestors, the powers of the ancient cultures you come from and fusing with or working with the very powerful force of Nature itself. Humans have within them such immense power, that it would be a danger to the controls on society if they were to tap into such powers, so they have many things to keep people subdued. Its sad really but for those that function well in that sort of system, they are fine with it and happy and content. For those that do not, they become 'depressed' and add to that any personal trauma history, such as programming or RA or something even more simple like your run of the mill 'abusive' childhood people are often unhappy and unsatisfied but dont consciously know why.

If you are a Survivor of mind control however, psych drugs are going to behave differently as well as the psych drugs when combined with the very intense reactions that the 'gang stalking' campaigns cause, there is a very real danger of this turning very ugly with a psychotic reaction such as snapping. This is why psych drugs are so very dangerous..the psychiatry people have a one-cure-all for everyone without taking into account the details of thier situations or histories. Its very irresponsible to not even consider the possibility of mind control Survivorship-ahh but thats if you actually wanted to HELP people. Remember, covert warfare in these cases is about COVERING UP FOR THE MIND CONTROL SYSTEMS AND COVERING UP FOR THE EXISTENCE OF MIND CONTROL SLAVERY AS A REALITY. So therefore- I hate to put it like this but it is very sinister from the start, as many people in the field seem to know about mind control from a psychological stand point but then get into the psychiatry end of it without including that in thier treating of what is referred to as 'mental illness', so its a sinister action to purposely assist the mind control networks to get rid of Survivors, from the very start. Which is another set up to deny the existence of such a reality and write people like me off as delusional or sour grapes at getting my life ruined becuz I deserved it etc.

Its a very old and ancient system. Think of it as spycraft. When you deal with a powerful person upon meeting that person is he going to come out off the bat with "yes, I have a spy network to protect myself, my family and my assets" or his company or whatever. If he is political then to assist him in that area. Humans use spying to accomplish thier goals very frequently. Yer mom had a spy network called other moms and so do most normal average people in getting thier affairs taken care of or secured. This just happens to be a very very nasty, ancient and profitable kind of spy network. The problem is that I think years ago it was easier to get under the radar if you survived and get help or find a niche to live out the rest of your life. Ever since those Survivors came out in the 90's at the same time as all the child sex ring scandals pointing to the rich and powerful ALONG with the Satanic Ritual Abuse and adding to that stories of Survivors in history and more awareness of such things in media it was no longer an oddity or a fascination. It had become a legal issue and the horrors of just what went on to make this system work became issues of human and civil rights abuses. Its very important now for this system to cover its ass as human beings are more savvy than just 20 years ago due to instant access to information on the internet.

I dont know if its better or worse now.
The problems we are left with is that much of the adventures if you want to call them that, mind control Survivors find themselves involved in become familiar as what occured in ancient mythology or even religious texts. And that becomes a problem even if they are believed due to those things happening now being a threat to every organized religion on the planet, that claims THIERS is the true religion.
I am now understanding that by revealing all that we go through and asking to be believed, we are mucking up the long held systems of control in society- every society that claims an organized religion and then a govt surrounding that in unison to that. What country do you know that is atheist? Its very interesting to consider there are NONE.

And what of Hindu's and other religions not based on Judeo-Christianity. We seem to have forgotten the Eastern mysteries lately, conveniently really, with all this obsession with Israel, Muslims, the Christian right and Satanism. That is very interesting that we have totally abandoned any focus on the Orient that part of Asia or India. We see those countries as third worlds to be transformed economically in a way we no longer respect thier culture nor thier people. Its like gentrifying the whole world without concern for human cultures.

I think that the Survivors coming out now have one purpose in common. No matter our actions it seems we are asking people to recall Reason, remember that we are all human and something about spreading peace. This would make sense as there seems to be many involved in causing world wide chaos of a much more inhumane and nasty tone than in previous years.

We also as a species may on some level not consciously known to us, be collectively freaking out due to some change in climate or due to some future threat. We may be set into overdrive to get off the planet and colonize somewhere else or at least get underground or into space stations. With this kind of threat to the survival of an entire planet the pressure is totally understandable. Its hard to tell if there are forces that seek to only control the planet, its weather and the human species for its own ends- from what I have experienced there is surely THAT much greed and self interest in the world believe me.

I dont think humanity was ready for the internet. I dont think we understood the consequences of international travel through the mind with limited senses. We only use sight and sound to understand our now very large world which gives us a limited view of it, increasingly that view is defining reality as a whole which is wrong, wrong, wrong.

If I were boss, I would suggest toning it down with being plugged in and start to face up to exactly what the hell is wrong here and what is going on that is so pressing to all of us collectively. If its just the reality of seeing the world as a whole for what it is then we need to do some damage control, as what we have experienced is, what the old heads from the 60's would say: our minds have been 'blown' effectively now. We need repair time. The internet might be the worst but most interesting 'trip' of our lives, and its interesting to think of the math, the numbers involved about who crossed who's path on what site and when across the world as this would not be possible without the internet.

The reality is that we are playing or being played with tech that is not being handed to us as a population with the proper priming. Thus the human race may have collectively lost thier minds. As well as being given the Bush administration without any lube and then left for dead and told to f*ck off basically and then handed over to the Mammy administration for handling was NOT fun and very much one of our countries most undignified moments I must say. We must get up off the floor ourselves, fix our dress, wipe up the mess and go seek justice like adults standing on thier own two feet not the 'forget about it move on' attitude, which only helps the rapist.

And also there are many people who made lots of nice money during Bush and this recent horror of the economy that are sitting quietly counting and smiling as you are confused and struggling. The least we all could do is to be truthful about what went on.

For some of us the Bush era destroyed our lives as well as who we were as spiritual entities. It would shock me moreso than anything else I have experienced (if that's possible) to understand that condition is designated as a permanent one. I dont believe that this is just 'the way it is' or that one has to accept loss and move on. If someone takes from you, they owe you.

In total, people who survive mind control experimentation, RA or programming as well as the system that is sent out to blow your mind and make you snap to get rid of you (and discredit you) as well as ruin your life so you can never aquire power-have been more abused than you can imagine. These are not normal circumstances. There is something damaging beyond what normal humans understand about being attacked and wounded not only by a large network of people (after being abandoned by your intimates and betrayed as well) but things happening that are so deeply intrusive mentally, spiritually and emotionally that one feels like suicide is the natural next step due to not being a spiritual being anymore. This system actually destroys your inner being, your Spirituality or soul. You may know agony, suffering or anger or sorrow but do you understand when all that energy is drained from you? Or you are so abused yet ignored as well as conditioned over time NOT to cry, NOT to react that you cannot even feel what is real anymore?
Not many people are going to understand that THIS is the base of brainwashing operations. And with 'mind control' tactics and especially technologies the effects are more horrible than ever known before. We are not talking about being left alone with your own sorrow to die alone. That would be easy. We are talking about a huge network dismantling what it means essentially to be a living human spiritual entity and then asking you to live on normally as if nothing happened. They demand that you forget all of your former life and well as its potential before they interfered. That is what happens when you are tortured beyond belief, ignored and then conditioned not to feel anything about it.

This is what alot of mind control victims go through. You can discredit me all you want or dont believe me. I do not have a problem with the existence of such a system as its most likely been around forever its the idea of leaving Survivors with NO assistance or help and condemning them to a life of silence. That is why people snap. Becuz the abuse is so deep into the human being that the reactions are perfectly normal considering the circumstances- of course your average person doesnt understand the circumstances and such things are denied constantly anyway. Thus, the public doesnt understand why another lone weirdo snaps.

The other problem is that there are just crazy people out there. But if mind control were at least an awareness perhaps there could be grey areas. Its so important for this system to destroy it's evidence that it will probably never come to pass.

The piece by Infowars is a bit much really. They mix up Satanic content with occult and dont get into neatly presenting RA or programming well at all. They just label anyone 'satanic' or occult minded with an occult backround as a danger. Which is not thier business to do so as Infowars focuses more on the up front political agenda that surrounds specialties like mind control, programming (high level and cult), RA (SRA and other factions), and human experimentation. They have no right to mention such things carelessly if they are not going to do proper research.

I use Satanic music on my blogs as well as listen to such music often. Am I a Satanist? Not according to me but many Christians would say I am. Sometimes we need to keep in mind just how evil this is and that evil exists. One of the tricks of this system is to brainwash a Survivor into forgetting all that occurred and move on. Which is a hit and run at best. A rape and forget situation. Survivors of mind control as well as the nasty system that comes after them when they awaken cannot allow this to happen. All must be accounted for. ALL.

The subject of the occult part of this is very complicated and cant be grasped by Alex Jones with his high excitement levels or Infowars with its punch-in-the-face approach to presentation.
They are needed to get people interested that is true. But for them to try to weave such complex and delicate subject matter into thier stories about politics and mind control gone aray is not really appropriate. Better to lay off and let each Target or Survivor or activist bring thier piece to the table making a complete picture that is done responsibly. No one needs Infowars to tell us about programming or mind control, just as I would not even try to be level headed enough or worldly enough to really grasp what goes on politically- that is his job. I take from him what I need etc. This should be about working together not mucking up what other activists are doing in the process of doing what YOU are doing best.

And when anyone at Infowars wants to present themselves as a genuine Survivor of programming then they can talk on the subject, until then, stick to shock, and getting attention for valid points as well as whatever sh*t you rake in as well but stay away from the delicate parts.
Having Infowars talk about programming,RA or mind control in detail is like having a monkey with a mallot fix your fine time piece or prized antique clock. And that doesnt sound like anything but destruction of a delicate object.


Anonymous said...

Here's one for the perps:

Just make sure there are perps watching when you play this.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Downcast removed her blog. I wonder why? She'd mentioned that she was considering it, because she felt it wasn't doing anyone any good, except for giving the perps more ideas. But I did get a lot out of it, especially the "Are you a TI?" She definitely should have made a backup before deleting. Deleting was a bad idea. It had valuable documentation of what a TI goes through, and it mirrored my experiences, except for the Voice to Skull stuff.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed the author of Gangstalking World hasn't updated two of her sites since Dec. 12. Haven't checked out the other blogs she authors.

Anonymous said...

Infowars has had MK ultra survivors on their program and in their links to articles MANY TIMES.