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Friday, January 21, 2011

Targeted Individuals Giving Up On is not the time

"Anonymous said...
Looks like Downcast removed her blog. I wonder why? She'd mentioned that she was considering it, because she felt it wasn't doing anyone any good, except for giving the perps more ideas. But I did get a lot out of it, especially the "Are you a TI?" She definitely should have made a backup before deleting. Deleting was a bad idea. It had valuable documentation of what a TI goes through, and it mirrored my experiences, except for the Voice to Skull stuff.
1/13/11 4:49 AM "

I have considered this more than once myself. Its sort of urge resemlbing suicide but its activism suicide if you will. Its just another urge that is put forth into the Target for us to give up. Now is the time during Obama for many of us so tortured during Bush to forget, move on, believe 'its over now' and all other such obvious methods of BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION. It seems during Bush I and many other TI's were either being pushed hard towards suicide or had actual attempts on our lives fail for whatever reason. This means that whatever information we have must STILL BE VALUABLE if that were not the case the powers that be would not be trying to silence us still.

What you have to understand is that its being done this way becuz the system cannot get away with what it did during the war years of Bush administration. It cant use the war or terror watch as a smoke screen to cover for its actions nor can it use the psyche out and intimidation of anti terror to silence critics or make people stand by and do nothing. To be perfectly honest: America is more pissed now than it ever was during the more unjust Bush administration...becuz Americans only feel pain through thier wallets. Hate to say it that way but we are so protected here and isolated from the rest of the world its is how we are. Now that people have had to sell thier boats and motorcycles and only have two homes a few vehicles are they willing to pay attention to other's pain. (LOL). As well as NOW Americans are truly pissed as you took money and 'stuff' away from them..only now are they willing to consider what we say as truth or listen to a well deserved 'I told you so'. During Bush a hell of a lot of people made money as well as everyone was either swept up in legalized Jerry Springer-esque drama or they were intimidated by orange level terror alerts or not being patriotic enough. My being questioned by perps in AZ with the query "Rachael, what do you think of George Bush?" as well as perps in El Paso TX years later lets us know the fascism involved in that era. The nature of it is summed up in those lines of questioning...which someday I hope to viscously sue for if not gain some other sort of satisfaction of vendetta..becuz they took it beyond personal. They should have stuck to business...they enjoyed the power trip just a bit too much...

Which is why now we are being forced into winding down, erasing blogs, moving on. Which means its the last thing we should do. There are ways to make these blogs work without giving perps ideas. Also the ideation that this serves only the perps is one put into our heads by the perps so forget it.

For me, I feel the danger now is with Obama's obsession with squelching rightfully angry Americans with anti-hate laws about internet sites. This is the same bs as Bush's putting you on a terror watch list due to blog content. I always avoided writing about 9-11 during Bush and related subjects becuz I wanted to give them no material to work that angle with.
There are covert campaigns still going on that are now focusing on pushing hate and the now racial cold war is being pushed to become open warfare. This would then give Obama and his crew the excuse to persecute you the same way that Bush's crew covertly created his victims and then harvested them. Its the same 'create-a-problem, solve-a-problem' method it always has been.

OK so just dont fall into that trap, and it IS a trap. Its the same sh*t as the Bush era but now its not about being a terrorist or anti-patriotic its about being racist or not supporting whatever on the leftist liberal agenda. Which means that its a continuation of the same oppression due to the fact that the tactics are almost identical.

Also the same levels of torture are not longer legal. Something was signed by either an exiting Bush or an entering Obama, which was made such tortures illegal. Which is exactly when the heavy gang stalking and tech torture and druggings ceased to be so hardcore for me as a Targeted Individual.

There is something they are afraid of and that is people are now free of Bush's style of intimidation and are more apt to not only look at the situation but to actually believe aspects of it. And like I said you took thier material security away so they are not happy at all. For many people, an African born (allegedly) president with partial American decent who spend time as a Muslim is not only a slap in the face but eases the reigns of power in the American mind over their country. So the style of intimidation has to now be based on civil rights, liberalism ect. In order to get you to fully conform to this agenda, the fear and intimidation of the last administration is piggy backed onto giving this administration more power than it would ever have had without Bush being prior.

Racial complaints are common now and that may be to start a race war but it might also be to finalize a plan to destroy the white middle classes and have most of the white lower classes absorbed or blacked out (no pun intended) by African Americans and other minority cultures. This is becuz the greatest enemy of people like Bush has always been the white lower to middle classes. The whites who still hold onto much of their cultural if not pagan roots from Europe. Its the old house slave game once again and if African Americans can gain power in the process why would they stand by anyone but the ones who promise it to them? This isnt the 70's anymore, the same people who assisted in civil rights campaigns are being paid back with being destroyed. And dont doubt that the wealthy white elite isnt behind it. That is the game now it seems. And along with fluffy white clouds with silver linings comes the need for YOUR SUBMISSION..and that is AFTER you have been totally f*cked over by Bush.
What they are doing is a very obvious game of traumatizing a nation into submission. What is going on for black America would be a very good, just and finally fair thing: if it wasnt at the expense of other classes or races of people or assisting the last administration into escaping without consequence.
In Africa whites are being genocided to allow Chinese to come in, who have the same attitude towards human rights as Africa as well as will pay them off which is how things run alot over there (as in other third world countries.)
The resistance to this in America should NOT be based on race but on the way its being done in a manipulative way as to silence people from doing something about whats being done to the country. This may also be why so many African Americans are in on organized stalking and harassment.

My posts on the Italian mob busts illustrates just that. From what TI's know there is a system in place of total control over events. And even a regular citizen suspects that the mafia could have been taken down years ago. Just like we should realize that all the new gangs in power such as the now powerful African American syndicates as well as Chinese, Russian and others could be stopped if need be.
Read my post to see what I am referring to as these moves being part of the agenda.

Its all about hiding organized crime...and nothing demands submission more than a good cause. If someone convinces you that you are not a cause at all but you must submit to other's cause then you and all your victim witness against the state is null and void.

Also its a great way to keep erasing what Bush did. Obama signing orders on mental health screenings and behavior modification as well as anti 'hate' policies is a great way to guilt and intimidate a large faction of people out of being angry about thier country being ripped away from them. And for Targeted INDIVIDUALS the mental health screenings are indeed a veiled threat.

Obama is as Obama does and Obama DOES what he's told. Wouldnt want to end up like Kennedy would ya? Right..

Obama is as Obama does. Keep that very close to you. Watch what he is doing instead of falling for the liberal guilt, pity and subtle intimidation campaigns. Bush demanded submission, Obama cultivates it.

We have been turned into a sick country that now is conditioned to like being abused. The media abuses us, our politicians do so and we take alot more crap in our daily lives than I recall people putting up with years ago. People have become trained. Its very dangerous right now and its not just the USA its Europe as well.

Just like any abuser they will convince us we deserved it or it has to be done for some vague ideal of good. All that is being done to the US and Europe is exactly the MO of every abuser in history. And this ideal of 'equality' by Obama camp is not about true equality at all. Its about everyone accepting enslavement and if that were not so why has no one dealt with the crimes and actions of the Bush administration? Very obvious ones at that.

When one is reeling from that kind of attack or abuse of power its very VERY dangerous to accept some new form of govt or cultural changes. Its like not signing a contract without being of sound mind.

This is NOT the time to stop blogging or doing activism. Other TI's can do as they please but I for one will never stop living off of what existed BEFORE BUSH, and the energy I had and life force that was mine before it was terrorized out of me during that era. Its like having a child go missing and eventually giving up hope and abandoning the search. You cant do that. And we have much more going on for us than someone in that situation. We are simply very marginalized and exist with the oppression of media blackout.

If we keep our numbers up and visible the chances of more people seeing us as well as more people believing us is higher. Like trying to get rescued off an island. One less flare is not a good thing. Hers is a pretty good blog but Gang Stalking world is excellent. None of these people should stop giving testimony as victim witnesses- not unless they are really ready to move on as individuals...but not as Targeted Individuals.

Each TI has to do whats right for them. With the way things are going our claims are going to either be written off as being in the past so we should drop the issue or sadly as mental illness if it continues to be marketed as such.

These are war crimes. At least every victim should write their story as a form of testimony and have that be thier final word on it publicly if they want to move on. This way history will show that there were victims. Dont be like my mother and be intimidated out of testifying as she was 'followed' and intimidated out of going to the President's Advisory Committee on Radiation. She was intimidated and then she sold out, even if she did not know it was related to that issue.


  1. Your blog is interesting, helpful, and I enjoy reading it daily. I agree, other targets deleting their blogs is not good for our fight. I didn't know of the one you mentioned who deleted her blog, and would have liked to read it. I read your blog alot, but don't leave much feedback anymore, because I sensed you don't like it, or have the time. There are few of us compared to the population, so I wouldn't think you get that many targets reading it to begin with, probably mostly %$#@^&&^*!&%$#@!!, who try to doubt you with their oh so pukeingly normal way of thinking. Anyway, good wishes to you in your fight. This was just to let you know there are targets in the sidelines like myself reading your blog and finding a relief in the knowledge offered from you. From, Mike C

  2. Hi,

    I was the owner of that blog and I got very severely attacked by the perps to the point that my activism/exposing perps in my community became secondary. I think the post on anorexia and the rants on psych drugs and my religious feelings made me even more of a target.

    I started hearing in my head I had lost my Salvation and it devastated me. Later, I started having anxiety attacks, insomnia, heart palpitations and crying spells along with loss of appetite (maybe the least worst effect, lol) I suspect after taking everything from me they wanted to "finish the job" and get me to suicide.

    I got hooked up with some Internet Christians that believe I have an infestation of demons that provide me with the voices, and that the skits and gangstalking are an illusion created in my mind by the demons in me and the demons in others. I tried my best to give up all sin areas in my life and to get the demons cast out. There was no doubt I was running from God so I felt changing my behaviors would help.

    I still ended up on medication to control anxiety and depression and to get what amounts to 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night. I wake up with dread every morning as the voice to skull starts hammering away at me.

    I think the depression and anxiety of being a nonstop target got the best of me and finally created a massive chemical imbalance that created a severe depression.

    I gave up the blog because it seemed there was a lack of interest and support towards me. I started it 3 years ago not only to document what was my life but also to get out of the isolation created by gangstalking. A few people wrote me here and there but I never made any lasting contacts with people.

    At the end, the greatest number of clicks I got were from anorexic girls seeing if I had tips and tricks for starvation only to find out that it was a different article altogether. I had hundreds of hits for the article and not one comment.

    The perps also started their threat game telling me to do this/don't do that or ELSE, and I felt so down I went along with a bunch of new "rules" which included not visiting my new favorite web site and NOT visiting the ti chats.

    Like others, they want me to sort of "conform" to other words take pills and shut up about gangstalking. I believe demons and demonic influence have created this system, but it is carried out by humans. "They" (perps) want me to sit down, shut up, read the Bible, stop cussing, dress appropriately, let go of all my anger and just take the abuse meted out to me meekly like a little lamb, keep my head down and act like it does not exist.

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  4. Are you a targeted individual? Can't figure out how gangstalkers know everything about you? Do your friends and family suddenly appear "in on it"? This is what they are doing, and this is how they do it. Chemtrails, mind control and a BioAPI for you and your family. Open your eyes.