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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Author of Down Cast My Soul comments

"Hi, I was the owner of that blog and I got very severely attacked by the perps to the point that my activism/exposing perps in my community became secondary. I think the post on anorexia and the rants on psych drugs and my religious feelings made me even more of a target. I started hearing in my head I had lost my Salvation and it devastated me. Later, I started having anxiety attacks, insomnia, heart palpitations and crying spells along with loss of appetite (maybe the least worst effect, lol) I suspect after taking everything from me they wanted to "finish the job" and get me to suicide. I got hooked up with some Internet Christians that believe I have an infestation of demons that provide me with the voices, and that the skits and gangstalking are an illusion created in my mind by the demons in me and the demons in others. I tried my best to give up all sin areas in my life and to get the demons cast out. There was no doubt I was running from God so I felt changing my behaviors would help. I still ended up on medication to control anxiety and depression and to get what amounts to 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night. I wake up with dread every morning as the voice to skull starts hammering away at me. I think the depression and anxiety of being a nonstop target got the best of me and finally created a massive chemical imbalance that created a severe depression. I gave up the blog because it seemed there was a lack of interest and support towards me. I started it 3 years ago not only to document what was my life but also to get out of the isolation created by gangstalking. A few people wrote me here and there but I never made any lasting contacts with people. At the end, the greatest number of clicks I got were from anorexic girls seeing if I had tips and tricks for starvation only to find out that it was a different article altogether. I had hundreds of hits for the article and not one comment. The perps also started their threat game telling me to do this/don't do that or ELSE, and I felt so down I went along with a bunch of new "rules" which included not visiting my new favorite web site and NOT visiting the ti chats. Like others, they want me to sort of "conform" to other words take pills and shut up about gangstalking. I believe demons and demonic influence have created this system, but it is carried out by humans. "They" (perps) want me to sit down, shut up, read the Bible, stop cussing, dress appropriately, let go of all my anger and just take the abuse meted out to me meekly like a little lamb, keep my head down and act like it does not exist.
By Anonymous on Targeted Individuals Giving Up On i... on 1/22/11"

Im really sorry sweetie. You seemed nice and I recall talking to you before I started having alot of memory loss issues and PTSDing memories became mostly what my mind does daily now.

I dont mean to push you I just want to see as many of us possible out here. Maybe you could at least tell your story if you feel safe doing so for documentation and send it to a site or TI you trust. Not necessarily me but anyone even a TI community site. If you DONT feel comfortable doing that then dont.

My having an early history of Ritual Abuse has probably acted as a sort of primer or innoculation towards the Satanic activity I encounter in GS.
I also have experienced harassment from Christian content as well so for me its a game of manipulation and attempted behavior modification using any means available and any deceptions one can dream up.
I personally note that staying in your home or one place too long gives the system alot of power over you as an individual Target.

Its psychological warfare bottom line it doesnt matter what materials they use.

Im sorry you had to abandon your work and would like to think most TI's are grateful for what work you did accomplish.

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Mike C said...

1- Any recomended chat rooms for T.I's?
2-Down Cast My Soul, all the best to you.